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What’s this? Why, it’s a frantic Adlet pleading his case to a skeptical Fremy as she points her gun at him and barks in absolutes! What is this, the eighth time we’ve seen this scenario? Still, the words exchanged between these two is the overture for an episode in which almost every character takes a slight to major detour from their established character paths. In Adlet’s case, when warned he’ll be shot if he lies, he decides to confess his love to an utterly bemused Fremy. You can’t say the lad lacks guts!


Then it’s Mora’s character’s turn to take a kooky turn, when she uses her mountain echo ability to spread a blatant, vicious lie to Tania, Goldof, and Fremy: that Hans is in critical condition after being attacked by the Seventh. I’m not sure what to think about her decision to condemn Adlet, because after ten episodes we still don’t really know who Mora is or what she believes in. Her character is much like the barrier: an amorphous cloud of fog that does whatever the plot needs it to do to up the drama. She lies to make things harder on Adlet, but why is she so convinced he’s the seventh?

Beyond Adlet, Hans is the only voice of reason—a welcome departure from his own blind suspicion earlier in the show, resolved because he knows Adlet is innocent. Mora orders Chamo to guard him, and when Chamo tries to kill him, Mora stays her hand with mere words and the threat of more than a spanking. As I thought, the only person Chamo fears is Mora, even though she’s technically weaker.


That’s not even as ridiculous as the change that occurs in Nashetania once she hears Mora’s broadcast. She starts to laugh and smirk like a common villain—teasing the possibility she’s the seventh after all—before telling Goldof she’s looking forward to her latest new experience: killing the man who betrayed her: Adlet. After all the accusations thrown Adlet’s way, she chooses now to react so dramatically? Sorry, it doesn’t add up.

Negotiations once again go south and Adlet must flee a pursuing Fremy, but when Mora joins in and tries to kill an surrendering Adlet, Fremy fires a shot between the two, defending Adlet and pissing off the increasingly violent, unreasonable Mora.


While Chamo, Mora, and apparently Tania and Goldof can’t listen to is reason, but not Fremy. And in the face of all the reason Adlet is throwing at her—even proving her innocence with his master’s fiend-detecting spray, like he promised—she’s not fighting reason like the other so much as fighting back her own heart. After her mother betrayed her, she vowed never to believe, and therefore love, anyone ever again. Adlet has all but forced her to change that policy, as she becomes the second person after Hans to essentially side with him against hotter heads.

As for Nashetania, who closes out the episode with a demonic stare and cloud of blades, she seems more brainwashed by Mora’s lies than particularly hot-headed. But her rapid change in personality also happens to reduce my suspicion in her being the seventh. If anything, Mora is looking more and more like the enemy of the six, what with her reckless manipulation of the others.

And now, as things currently stand, Adlet, Hans, and Fremy—the three scrappers of the group—are now in a loose alliance. I won’t count him or them out, even if I doubt he and Fremy will get the storybook ending.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. In the source novels, Mora’s Montain Saint powers are described as being extremely versatile, whether it be for long-distance echo communication (like mountain echos) or body strengthening (like a mountain too).

  2. started watching this series today after skimming through a few posts on this site and it was so good i just marathoned the whole thing, so thanks for the intro to series^^ i’m really enjoying this series so far. very interesting game of “who done it” and all of the characters feel alive and relateable, not just tropes but fairly well established motivations and personalities. the mini bromance with hans and adlet was a really entertaining and clever way to more than likely confirm that hans is not the 7th brave. this episode, mora’s credibility really took a hit, although i was fairly certain she was likely the 7th brave before this. chamo just seems too immature and tunnel-visioned to conspire to this degree so i pretty much rule her as not guilty. i’ve never doubted poor emotionally confused fremy (weird name lol). her distrust toward adlet is within reason as she is afraid of falling for him, or even trusting someone, because she doesn’t want to be betrayed again, and based on the facts presented to her so far, adlet is 99.99% the 7th brave. nashetania’s actions this episode don’t make much sense honestly as her mood swing after hearing hans, who she did not trust to begin with, was hurt by adlet, who she did trust in every other instance.

    *****I would like to point out though that it appears in the previous episode, episode 9, nashetania blatantly lied to goldof; she said hans addressed her as princess first and then bunny girl, which unless i missed something after combing through the earlier episodes countless times to find when they met and the events leading up to the princess’s formal introduction, is definitely not true.*****

    why would she lie? why the sudden mood swing? maybe next episode will shed some light on this, but for now nashetania is nearly as likely as mora to be the 7th brave^^^
    i can’t see how this will end nicely without really rushing the ending or promising a second season. oh and btw, hans does have motivation to be trying to kill the demon lord. he said he got a king to promise him a huge bounty for the head of the demon lord; he then proceeded to mock the rest of the braves for doing this for free.

    1. oh and i don’t think goldof is the 7th brave as he is mearly an immature puppet to nashetania and wouldn’t dare put nashetania in so much danger.
      ~the adlet x fremy hype is real. objections are invalid~
      T -T

  3. I’ve bee watching this from the start and I’m finding it increasingly irritating. I’m finding it repetitive and that the repetition isn’t hiding very much. I’m hoping they reveal the seventh brave soon and just get on with things because really, I’ve reached the stage I just don’t care who the seventh brave is anymore. Adlet constantly trying to prove himself in the face of increasing danger from a bunch of intellectually stunted but dangerous morons is becoming increasingly nonsensical. In the face of such danger, perhaps the best thing to do, the reasonable thing, is to just walk away and let the psychopaths deal with whatever it is they are supposed to do to the Demon King. Of course that won’t happen and we’ll have to endure this until the final episode where all will be revealed and the Demon King wrapped up in the last ten minutes – and me left wondering why I endured twelve episodes of this tedium.

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