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After all the shock and intrigue of last week’s masterpiece, this week started off a bit slow and rigid, with Shunsuke telling Yuu and Nao the story of what happened after his time leap.

He returned to a time a couple of years before the three of them are captured, tracks down his trusty friends Kumagami (or “Pooh”), Shichino, Medoki, Maedomori, and helps them expand a syndicate of ability wielders. However, something always ends up going wrong, everyone is captured or killed, and Shun has to time leap and start all over.


The re-re-re-built syndicate starts to become more wealthy and secure thanks to gambling winnings, but Shun learns that he loses a bit of his vision every time he leaps, and when he goes blind, he won’t be able to leap at all.

So he makes his last leap count, by working to set up a school to educate and protect ability wielders until they lose those abilities, including his brother and sister. To further protect them while working behind the scenes, his friends help him erase all memory of him from Yuu and Ayumi.


That brings us back to the present, where Shun announces the next mission is to save Ayumi. He may not be able to time leap anymore, but if Yuu uses his true power, “Loot” (or “Plunder”) to steal Shun’s power, than he can time leap and save Ayumi. And that’s exactly what he does.

Being back in a time when his sister is alive—something he took for granted the last time around—is ample motivation to save her this time, and he moves forward with confidence and a solid plan to save her not only from “Collapse”, but from Konishi the knife-wielder as well.


Yuu also finds an understanding ally in the Nao of the past, who has been through a lot less things with Yuu at this point. Still, she believes his story about time leaping without complaint, and also accepts his thanks for her saving him when Ayumi died before. It doesn’t matter that she won’t actually have to save him from himself in this timeline if he saves Ayumi, because the fact she did in the previous one is the only reason he’s still alive, free, and there, in a position to save her. Yuu understands this, and makes sure Nao knows how grateful he is.

As for the Ayumi-saving caper itself, he steals her Collapse ability without a hitch, while he, Nao, Yusarin and Joujirou all go undercover at Ayumi’s school for a coordinated attack. Yusa and Jou are immediately indisposed and taken out of the equation due to their respective fame and suspiciousness, but then again, they both serve as good diversions for the bulk of the students, giving Yuu and Nao room to work.


And work the plan does: Konishi stalks Ayumi once more with her click-click-clicky knife, but Yuu is there to stand between the two. He breaks all the windows behind Konishi, and an invisible Nao kicks the knife away and snips away Konishi’s bangs. Konishi retreats, her warning received loud and clear.

With Ayumi safe and by Yuu’s side, he encounters Pooh and Medoki on the streets, who offer to take him to his brother. I was certain there would be some kind of mistake, Steins;Gate-style, that would prevent Yuu from saving Ayumi once more, but everything went off without a hitch.

It was almost too easy and quick a resolution, but it was still a very satisfying episode that covered a lot of ground and still found time for little moments of comedy. Now, with Ayumi apparently safe, there’s still plenty of time for Yuu, Shun, and the resistance to accomplish even more for the cause.


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. i really liked the pacing of this episode. the flashback took a little less than half the episode and the ayumi thing was resolved aswell. i was afraid these things would drag on until late in the season but am happy to be proven wrong. it really does suck though that yuu and nao’s pasts were essentially erased and all the hardships they faced together are forgotten, except for in yuu’s memory but i guess there’s still plenty of time for them to grow closer again. i feel like sala/sara(?) will play some role in the future. also kinda bummed joujirou didn’t get crazy with his ability this episode because i literally almost cry laughing everytime he “teleports”. hoping for more slow-mo joujirou shots before end of season. also i wonder if yuu gets to keep the abilities he’s taken from the future and if his eye sight is also taking a hit when he goes back in time. this anime is just too fcking good, i can barely stand the week wait for another ep T -T also thanks for covering this awesome series^^^ feelin’ the feels for a little longer :)

    1. does every comment have to wait for moderation or am i just a risky newbie to the site and eventually won’t require moderation? seems like a lot of unnecessary work to have to okay every comment imo. y so careful? y so serious?

  2. Charlotte’s final 7th Bluray release will have a bonus special episode 13, coming out this 23 March 2016.

  3. Another great episode. I loved the sense of triumph at the end when saving Ayumi worked out to plan. The usual trope in anime is for this sort of plan to either go horribly wrong or fate to re-assert itself and another accident happens. I was hoping for a replay of the giraffe kick also but the producers know never to go to the well twice I guess. :)

  4. Definitely intriguing. Still, it feels like this is an unfinished concept coming out from Maeda, there are just a lot of things missing in his world building here.

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