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Part 2 of the Lake Yadogami Mystery was a little better than Part 1, with both fun and moving moments to be had, but to be honest it did not assuage my original concern that the mini-arc was simply too overstuffed and complex, making it hard to get properly invested.

One character I am invested in is Mira, who found a way out of her chain bondage by simply thinking it out and deciding even if she is a robot who can be repaired like nothing ever happened, she doesn’t think she’d be quite the same Mira that she is now, and she doesn’t want that.



So she overrides the logic of the Numbers-maintained alternate world and frees herself. The show doesn’t miss out on another opportunity to show her nude when Ellie and the maid find her. As for Kyouma, he’s too quick to think she was doing nothing.

I don’t want to belabor this issue, but can’t say I approve of him punching her in the head. It only ended up hurting him, but it’s the principle: Mira is clearly more than just some robot, having just done something another robot wouldn’t have – not settle for being repaired and restarted. Can’t she also say something to the effect of “Please don’t hit me”?


The show itself seemed to concur that it had too much going on at once, so it systematically started stripping characters and dilemmas out of the episode entirely, never to be bothered with again. Even if she becomes more important in later episodes, I just don’t see what Ellie was doing here. She leaves when her “papa” orders her to, since apparently Albert is there because of her. So if she wasn’t in the episode, Al wouldn’t have had to be either.

As for the trio of mercs who kidnapped the pixie-cut lady, they have so little presence except for that one action scene last week and are dispatched off-camera so easily, I also wonder why the episode bothered including them. I also thought eliminating all the flan-like ghosts attacking the mansion at once with a simple switch of the sprinklers was some weak sauce.


Those were all instances of the episode doing some overdue pruning, only to replace them with yet more plot and characters. We’re taken back to 21 years ago where this business all began. The flashback introduces us to a cameraman who likes filming Sakai’s sister Enomori, only to try to assault/rape her in a shed not a minute later!

Many more unfortunate events occur, leading to a final act with so much multi-dimensional technobabble being thrown around it made me feel for Kyouma being stuck in the middle of such a convoluted mess, even though he smacks Mira again once they secure the Numbers. The denouement was so hard to follow I could only emotionally connect to it on the most basic level; that of a man relieved his sister didn’t die after all, but in the meantime still killed his alternate self to protect her.

When our two Collectors drove away in the Toyota all I could do was shrug and say “Well…at least they got the coil.” I respect this show’s ambition to tell an sprawling tragic tale that transcends dimensions. I’m not opposed to complexity, but I need more structure and focus and less stuffing in order to find a way in.


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7 thoughts on “Dimension W – 05”

  1. Ok, the whole ghost story thing was pretty confusing from beginning to end, and in the end, I really don’t think I want to know. Especially with that weird ending in regards to the maid being the daughter of the dam worker that the guy killed.

    But whatever, it was good to see the action parts. Mira continues to be that “piece of junk” and Kyoma still pretty much cares less about her even after all that she’s been through, but they still have an interesting dynamic.

    But to the most interesting part and what I didn’t see coming at all, was the butler actually being Loser in disguise, and Elizabeth being his daughter (or was that his son in disguise?)! Does Loser have both a son and a daughter? Or is it just the one son that was dressed in drag? And is that why Mira said there was something familiar about Elizabeth?

    I knew Loser would probably be on the scene since a number was involved, but he completely tricked me in where he actually came in. It would make sense that a man who had lost his face would learn how to adopt many, many more.

    Also, Albert was rather cool this time too, we learn that he was the sniper member of the Grendel group, and he sure is accurate from long distances.

    All in all, this was only an okay arc, but it gives us more ideas in terms of what the Numbers can do.

    1. Or one daughter who normally dresses tomboyishly?

      I don’t know, I think it’s very obvious since episode 2 that she’s a girl. I was very confused that everyone start calling her “Loser’s son” in reviews and discussions.

  2. Officially dropped from my small rotation. this show doesn’t need 2 parters. it doesn’t deserve them either. not when they muck around and make no sense/who cares even if they do. I seriously didn’t even remember the short hair girl in the previous episode!

    1. I’d say after this two-parter DimW is on my “Outside Looking In” list now, along with Dagashi Kashi. DK actually has a better chance of surviving because while the comedy is variable, it’s a far easier watch in terms of things to keep track of / general attention investment.

      DimW will need a solid 8 next week to survive.

      1. LOL
        This adaptation actually cut a buttload of characters from the manga.

        The pointless twin maids, the useless cops, Elizabeth’s qipao-fanservice friend who actually serves a purpose to make her less suspicious and out-of-place (they’re just mystery club member from some college who randomly cosplay) but in the end doesn’t really matter much.

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