Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – 05


After effectively portraying the immediate effect of having a huge Manato-shaped hole in the party and its surviving member’s hearts (along with the quiet outrage of Manato’s funeral expenses totaling one measly silver), this week deals with the aftermath. Surrounded on all sides by reminders of what they’ve lost, Ranta is the first to peace out, and the other two boys follow him into the tavern where they try to drink away their sorrows…shutting the girls out of what should be a shared grieving process.

Haru and Ranta are about to come to blows when Moguzo shouts them down in a rare display of anger. When Kikkawa hears they’ve lost their priest, he recommends a new one, which Haruhiro, by default the new leader of the party, hires without consulting Yume or Shihoru, simply because, well, they need a darned healer! Mary is a very no-bullshit kinda gal who doesn’t like messing around, which is to say she’s immediately a bad fit in our (usually) tight-knit band of misfits.


They continue their battles against the goblins in Demuro, but Haruhiro can tell Mary is throwing off what little cohesion the team had prior to losing Manato. She even refuses Haru’s field order to heal Ranta because she deems the wound not serious (which it isn’t). Her uncooperative attitude isn’t helping matters, but she’s under no obligation to help out. It’s up to her “leader” to get his shit together.

Back in the tavern with just Ranta and Moguzo, Haru is approached by Renji, who started in the same place as their party but has done a lot more in the time they’ve had since. He offers a gold coin (worth 100 silvers) as a “gift” after hearing of Manato’s death. It’s charity, plain and simple, and Haru doesn’t take it. Buying their volunteer army badges with alms won’t help the underlying problems with their party. And it’s up to him to start fixing those problems.


He begins by waiting for Yume after her evening bath and asking if she’s angry because he hired Mary so quickly without asking her and Shihoru. Yume is troubled for a far more basic reason: they’ve been shut out altogether. Haru, Ranta, and Moguzo were at the tavern when the party of five should have been together. What Yume is upset about is the possibility Haru & Co. weren’t the friends she thought she had, who would be there for each other when things went bad.

Yume grabs Haru and the two embrace for a long time, and soon both are crying in each others’ arms, then calm down and feel more at peace, having finally shared in each other’s grief. Yume points out how good it feels to be held by Haru, which is obviously welcome red meat for shippers like me.

But I like how the two of them confronting the fact they’re not great at expressing their feelings led to doing just that. It’s the kind of scene we see a lot in romantic anime, but rarely is it done so well. The show refused to ignore the lasting impact of their mutual loss or the fact that this is a boy and a girl who are attracted to each other.

It helped Haru to realize that while Manato was integral to the party and will be impossible to fully replace, it was Manato himself who pointed how how he alone would never have been able to do anything without the rest of the party. That means the party, as it is now, with Mary, will be able to move forward, survive, and maybe even thrive. Big props to both Komatsu Mikako and Hosoya Yoshimasa for their passionate performances here.

Of course, when Shihoru spots Haru and Yume in a deeply compromising position, it kinda kills the moment. I would have been fine with the episode simply ending with their embrace, but adding Shihoru and her “misunderstanding” underscores the fact that these five friends need to be honest and open with each other if they’re ever going to find success on the battlefield.


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5 thoughts on “Hai to Gensou no Grimgar – 05”

  1. I hope with this Haru’s resolve will be strengthened and he can move the team forward. I have a feeling Manato was trying to appoint him as the next leader, but he clearly wasn’t mentally prepared for the job, despite being the best fit out of all the members left.

    Mary seems like she has her own problems too. Despite her teamwork issues, I can’t help but like how she sticks with her beliefs on where a priest should be in the party haha. Don’t waste MP on superficial wounds, and stay off the front lines! I kinda felt like Manato was forced to be another tank because the team just couldn’t perform properly. With Haru, Ranta, Moguzo, AND Yume all playing vangaurd, there’s no reason Manato needed to be there too.

    I’d actually like to see what Renji’s doing. The contrast between his super effective team and Haru’s ragtag members would be interesting to witness. I mean he’s already at the point where he can casually drop gold on the table. Renji is a man of few words, but I don’t think he’s a bad guy.

    We’re getting some prime shipping material with Haru and Yume too. I can’t say I dislike where this is going XD.

    1. At first I thought Mary was just being selfish and uncooperative, but then I remembered what Kikkawa said about priests being targeted due to their value to the team. It’s her job to stay back and heal the team when they’re in tough shape, not fight beside them or keep them all at 100% at all times (perhaps an elite party could do that, but not them).

      Speaking of elites, I agree that I don’t think Renji’s necessarily a bad guy. They could have made him a smug, sneering jerk (he acts superior..because he kinda is), but he’s a lot more interesting.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he felt a bit guilty about leaving the other lesser party to its own devices, in addition to feeling pity now that they lost their most competent member. I liken him to Mary with his no-nonsense style, and he moves forward without hesitation.

      I can’t see how or why this could happen due to the gap between them, but I would welcome a joint operation between Haru and Renji’s parties.

  2. I also love the heart-pouring scene of Haru-Yume. As a LN’s reader, I’m satisfied that anime managed to did it more beautifully, more touching by changed some details. Also it was a right decision to put the scene for the closing of eps (more emotional punch).

    Many ppl probably would immediately answered “Manato” if they were asked on who the party member that Haru most close with, but I think Yume is actually more correct. Their personality, quirks, jobs complement each other & they have some things they can relate to each other. Both also talk more easily with each other. I was disappointed on how badly neglected Yume and her interactions with Haru in the LN after this scene, so I really hope anime can somehow fix it.

  3. Great episode.

    First, Mary’s a very interesting character because she is by and large RIGHT. Their tactics sucked and that basically got Manato killed. They need to shape up. Viewers have been saying since episode 1 that they would do dumb things and we see now that that was the point. They WERE dumb, and I think what’s being established here is that basically, they were all too good of friends (even Ranta). They wouldn’t call each other on their mistakes. Mary seems like she’ll be a vital part of them improving because she’s not afraid to tell them when they’re being stupid. Also, she’s presumably from this world and knows how these things work better than a bunch of amnesia-ridden Japanese teens.

    Second, of course, was the scene between Yume and Haru. LN readers keep mentioning she’s not that important after this which is deeply disappointing if true because she’s been one of the best characters on the show up to this point and this scene was one of the best of a show with many well-done scenes of this sort. That said, I don’t need them to end up together. I’d actually like it if they became each other’s emotional support/good friend, whether it goes full romance or not. What made this scene great was not the romantic connotations, it was the emotional ones. Though they’d make a great couple too.

    Not a giant fan of Renji’s magic perfection, but whatever, he’s a foil.

    1. “I’d actually like it if they became each other’s emotional support/good friend, whether it goes full romance or not. What made this scene great was not the romantic connotations, it was the emotional ones. Though they’d make a great couple too.”

      Exactly my sentiments. Don’t need, but wouldn’t mind. They just…work, effortlessly. I can’t praise the writers or the two seiyuus enough.

      Please don’t fade into the background, Yume!

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