Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 05 – Run, Close In, then Win

After running from a somewhat pathetic display from a suddenly sobbing and Raving M (who actually believes Pitohui will murder him IRL if he loses), LLENN decides she’ll have to win the SJ all by herself, despite her opponents being very smart, crafty, and downright scary in their relentlessness.

Her foes look tough and grizzled, and aren’t afraid to rain bullets down upon LLENN in order to spring her from her hiding spots. The only thing is, she’s so small and quick actually getting a killshot proves most difficult. Despite her wavering confidence and the near-arrogant attitude of her opponent, both parties are on the same level here.

Perhaps due to her critical HP level, LLENN starts to hear her P90 “P-chan” glow, talk to her and even sprout eyes to make a face, which is definitely the most demented and terrifying thing GGO has shown us thus far.

Regardless, P-chan manages to fire LLENN up, and she remembers how and why she’s succeeded so far: not by running, hiding, and keeping her distance, but by blazing in so close to her opponents they cannot get a clean lock on her, and overwhelming them with her quickness, and peppering them with P90 bullets.

She executes her preferred strategy by taking on Eva, the “Boss” of the enemy squad, whose enormous size and brute force end up momentarily overwhelming LLENN, who needs a last-second assist from M, who manage to gathered up what was left of his decency and rejoin the fray (and who does thrive from great distance).

Eventually, LLENN and Eva run out of bullets, but Eva’s lieutenant tosses her a new clip, and LLENN has no choice but to sacrifice P-chan to shield her from the bullets, then whip out her knife and carve the Boss up like a turkey to take the SJ win, demonstrating the literally cutthroat tenacity required to prevail over such a tough opponent.

Back IRL, the short cute girls Karen passes by so often finally approach her, led by Nitobe Saki. They’re second-years at the high school affiliated with Karen’s college, and just wanted to tell her how stylish and cool she always looks, especially with her new ‘do.

Then Saki draws Karen in close with a handshake and quietly congratulates her on her victory. Saki is Eva, the hulking Boss she defeated as LLENN, and her friends and fellow rhythmic gymnastic teammates are ready for a rematch any time.

Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

6 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online – 05 – Run, Close In, then Win”

  1. Just putting this here because it’s your most recent review Braverade (and I figure where you’ll see it easiest), but that ufotable Heaven’s Feel movie be readily available now ! It’s the most direct followup to Zero there is so well worth a watch.

    Also I loved the episode and you correctly surmised that P-chan isn’t actually talking and LLEN was just as lonely as she was stressed as fuck.

    1. Very good to know – thanks for the heads-up!
      I’ll obviously be watching/reviewing HF as soon as I can, but the official timetable is ‘TBD’.

      1. I saw it late last year at an Australian premiere screening at our annual Madman Anime Festival/Con where it was introduced by the Director and Rin’s VA. Its Part One of three and I thought was pretty good, even though it was mostly establishment of the story line, of course very similar to Stay Night (still the best so far) and Blade Works as per the usual ‘parallel arc’ schema.

  2. I enjoyed the prolonged fighting in this episode. I thought they kept the tension up well until the climax of the battle with Boss Eva. M’s timely return was contrived and predictable but welcome I thought.

    The latest episode is a 5.5 recap of the Squad Jam footage, including a not very funny alternate reel with “comedy redubbing” by the Squad Jam’s sponsor. Overall I found myself why a recap so early in the series? It seems unnecessary and the production choices they made for it came off as slightly irritating more than anything else. This is no ReCreators recap by any means.

    As a long time SAO fan I’ve been enjoying this spin off series. The story line is entertaining mostly, the artwork and animation are competent and attractive and it’s engaging me enough to continue watching it every week. However whether it has the heart of SAO remains to be seen.

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