Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo – 11


This is a Rondo of Angels and Demons, so I’m not surprised to see Julio under the mind control of Riza Randog, thanks to some kind of evil serum she secretes. Sylvia walks in on the two and is appalled before being restrained by RIza’s demon tail, suggesting the drug wears off. I’m guessing both were under Riza’s influence when Ange was around.  In any case, the royal family is in deep doo-doo.

This week gave me just about everything I could ask for in a Cross Ange episode: high stakes, new bad(?) guys; Arzenal camaraderie, more Salia backstory; a significant if incremental elaboration on the world’s mythology; lots of awesome aerial combat, and new friendships being forged in the crucible of imminent death!


We’ve seen from her hobbies that Salia is still a little girl at heart, and it seems to surprise even her when a group of actual kids salute her and regard her as an idol (she is quite pretty). She can’t believe she’s already a whopping seventeen.

As she and Mei visit the grave of (I’m guessing) Mei’s sister, a fallen pilot, and remembers losing her, as well as having ‘Elektra” (Jill) lose her arm, give Salia a first chance in Vilkiss, but not a second.

If she still lives her life like a kid who needs protecting, Jill is going to treat her like one. WIth only five active pilots, First Troop is downgraded to third.


But when an enormous cloud of DRAGONs appear directly over Arzenal HQ, the second and third troops are quickly overrun and it becomes necessary to put the half-strength Salia Squad out there anyway. And we’re talking the first couple minutes of combat that the other squads are wasted and the command center is wrecked.


The DRAGONs are apparently being led (shepherded?) by three Vilkiss-like paramails that emerged from the same portal. The pilot of the lead mail sings a song, and the mail turns gold and unleashes a high-yield beam that destroys half of the damn island. Forget this show being tough on Ange and Hilda; it’s tough on everyone.


With memories of the past fresh in her mind when the assault occurs, Salia gets it in her head that This Is Her Time to prove herself to Jill, Mei, the rest of her troop, and herself. To that end she disobeys orders and pilots Vilkiss herself.

Momoka frees Ange and Hilda and they race to the hangar bay. It’s kinda cute how pissed both Ange and Hilda that they’re so dirty, stinky, and disheveled from their confinement, but things get grimmer as they traverse the bloody corpse-filled mess hall.


It would be enough in their rusty states to simply hop aboard their own paramails and fight the biggest battle Arzenal has faced yet, but Ange and Hilda have to reel in Rogue Salia first before she gets herself killed and Vilkiss destroyed.

Rivals they may still be, but Ange and Hilda prove they’re still quite capable of working well together under duress. Hilda even gets a little turned on by Ange being so close, which is understandable considering how much sex Hilda is used to and how long it’s been since she’s felt a woman’s touch.


Ange also breaks out her daredevil routine, jumping on top of Salia and then tossing her off for Hilda to catch. There’s a lot of trust in these maneuvers, and however much the girls may swipe at each other, it’s clear they all know that they can count on one another.

That’s probably no comfort to Salia, as it’s basically confirmed during her short stint piloting Vilkiss that despite all her hard work and determination, she just doesn’t have what it takes. Vilkiss is sluggish and unresponsive in her hands.


But Salia’s shortcoming isn’t so much talent as intuition, not to mention blood. When Ange hears the enemy mail singing again, activating its main weapon, she sings her song right back (a little Macross with our Gundam, if you will) which causes an identical golden transformation in Vilkiss, both to Ange’s and the enemy pilot’s surprise.

About that enemy: she’s the Chinese-looking woman at the end of the line of faces in the credits, and her outfit is extremely bizarre yet awesome-looking – essentially a loincloth that descends from bust to groin with a cross strap for her bust. Interestingly, it reveals the opposite parts of skin as the Arzenal flight suits. That would make for some bad-ass cosplay.


This woman wants to know why Ange knows a song no “unworthy citizen” should know, and Ange just wants to know who the heck she is. Both are then shown flashes of what looks like histories that never occurred involving the both of them, as everything from opponents to classmates to lovers. The still-nameless pilot withdraws after an alarm and five ominous words: “The time comes, it seems.” 

Nearly halfway through the series, we may still be in the dark about what’s really going on here, but this episode made us rest assured the time is indeed coming when light will be shed on that darkness. In the meantime, the Arzenal girls keep on keepin’ on, since all they have are each other.


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8 thoughts on “Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo – 11”

  1. I totally forgot her name, but I was wondering what was up with that one mana user that’s Jill’s assistant. Did her coming in contact with the dragon brainwash her? I’m kind of hoping that the succubus is really a dragon in human form, because it would fit along the lines with Dragon’s brainwashing the mana-users to think Normas are evil (considering Norma’s kill them they would force an absurd amount of animosity onto the mana-users)….but at the same time that doesn’t really make sense as the dragons are clearly under the control of that other girl’s group…..dammit! Its like 50/50 if I actually know this show’s plot, its a weird cycle.

    1. Emma Bronson? Yeah, sure looks like she was being affected by the DRAGON, and Jill knew it.
      Your theory sounds great, and would go a long way to explaining why non-Norma are so, well…over-the-top with their hatred and fear of the Norma.

  2. I’m still sick, busy, and did I mention sick? But I got a chance to see this week’s Ange finally and I have to agree with Hannah. Mostly ;) I think I’m past the point of considering Ange a good show, however, it’s bawdy mecha romp can be pretty fun to watch. So I guess I’d give it an 8 too but file that under ‘Aw what the heck? oh who cares its stupid fun!’ and/or my pain killers talking…

  3. Okay, I must say that they used quite a lot of stock footage here, as well as too many visual frames from SEED and Destiny (Damn you Mitsuo Fukuda!) But I won’t complain about that.

    I like how this actually started with Ange and Hilda still in detention. There is also still a lot of the typical Cross Ange silliness, such as that crotch grab and throw Ange did to Salia, as well as how they kept pointing out that both Ange and Hilda stink.. I also really like how they pointed out that the first Squad isn’t the only competent squad in the base (too bad we don’t get to see the others in action). But man, this ep really had a lot of things to chew on.

    So, why did Jill change her name from Elektra? And I guess Jasmine was actually the previous commander of Arzenal.

    But that last part was definitely the clincher. I was already expecting our mystery pilot to be connected to the dragons, but that twist was one helluva curve ball. Now we have reincarnation and (yuri?) lovers across time. The over the top bigotry of the outside world is kinda making sense now. And Vivi-chan does have something with her it seems.

    I guess I won’t be dropping this show after all :D

  4. I almost forgot to mention: the for-now nameless paramail pilot gets to narrate the next episode preview, and complains how she got more to say in the preview than in the episode itself!

    The previews continue to provide welcome a tongue-in-cheek, self-effacing cherry atop each episode sundae.

  5. Here’s everything we saw when Ange and the other pilot met face to face. Since the other pilot hasn’t been named in the show yet, I’ll just call her “Chun-Li” for the purposes of this list:

    1.) “Cavewoman” Chun-Li and Ange protecting Vivian in a land of dinosaurs and volcanoes;
    2.) “Gladiator” Chun-Li and Ange fighting with swords and shields amongst Greco-Roman ruins;
    3.) “Private” Chun-Li giving (or receiving) a bouquet of roses from ‘Nurse’ Ange in a warzone, followed by a machine gun blowing a rose up;
    4.) “Transfer Student” Chun-Li meeting Ange in a modern Japanese classroom, with Jill, Emma, Vivian, Ersha, and Salia also dressed in school uniforms;
    5.) “Samurai” Chun-Li and Ange fighting with katanas amongst rocks and flame;
    6.) “Pilot” Chun-Li and Ange holding hands in congratulations, surrounded by various Arzenal staff in different clothes;
    7.) Chun-Li and Ange naked in bed together.

    1. II find the progression of the montages somewhat interesting, as the aren’t simple random scenes alternating between friends and enemies. Rather, there is something of a progression in intimacy (as in closer relationship, not the other intimacy) between Ange and “Chun Li”, ending with them as lovers.

      Also wonder if the inclusion of of the other Arzenal characters is simply a matter of convenience for the animator (less character designs to think about), or it does have the in-story purpose of showing that these characters all did met in one lifetime or another. Man, if it’s the case, then this really does take the story to a whole new turn.

      Hope this one doesn’t end like Valvrave’s flashforwards, which were interesting but ultimately pointless inclusions.

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