Fate / stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 10


That sky, that field, those swords…I must say, Rin has some pretty dreams.


Archer continues to pout and be baffled by her choice to ally herself with Shirou, whom he considers the absolute worst choice, suggesting they team up with Caster instead. Rin tells him that’s not happening. Caster is a monster, and she can trust Shirou to never betray him. Archer still protests, and worries for his master, whom he believes Shirou is making soft.


But she is his master, so what she says goes. The search for Caster’s Master continues and seemingly hits a breakthrough, as both Shirou and Rin witness Issei conferring with Rin’s homeroom teacher Kuzuki Souichirou, who is staying a Ryuudou Temple with his ‘fiancee’.


That connection is enough for Rin to suspect Kuzuki, and she plans to test him that very night. Shirou, while dubious, won’t let his ally jump into potential danger alone.


It becomes clearer and clearer that he’s not merely concerned with holding up his part of the alliance, but also with his dear friend’s safety.


Rin fires a light magic burst at Kuzuki, ruining his umbrella, and Caster shows up shortly thereafter to protect him, proving Rin right. I can’t say I was surprised by this, but I guess it wouldn’t do for them to be wrong again. Caster must have a master; them’s the rules.


But Kuzuki is an odd duck. When Shirou asks him if he’s somehow under Caster’s control, Kuzuki is bemused. Shirou calls him a good and decent man who would never turn a blind eye to Caster’s crimes…but he doesn’t know Kuzuki at all. Neither in Caster’s thrall nor totally controlling her, he prefers to stand on the sideline and see what happens, not involving himself unless absolutely necessary. Not a bad strategy, for a Master who claims not to be a mage at all.


But then Rin, Shirou, and Saber force the issue, and he’s forced to involve himself. He comports himself far better than I imagines, as he’s able to block Saber’s strikes with his bare hands.


Not only that, he’s able to strengthen those same bare hands in order to put Saber in a chokehold and toss her aside like a ragdoll.


Rin is dispatched even quicker than Saber…Yowch…


…And it doesn’t seem like Shriou will fare any better. In fact, it would appear that by hitting Kuzuki with that spell, she rattled a hornet’s nest and they now find themselves in way over their heads.


Then, Shriou sees an injured, knocked-out, helpless Rin lying on the ground… and knows that he and only he has to do something, or she’s going to die. What he does looks more like instinct awakened from extreme conditions, i.e. Rin being in mortal danger. Shirou’s been thinking about Archer’s two swords for some time, and in this, the moment when he really needs a weapon that isn’t just a pipe or a stick, he is able to summon those swords using projection magic.


With these, he’s able to not only keep up with Kuzuki, but keep him at bay until Saber recovers, forcing Kuzuki and Caster to withdraw. Rin is surprised and somewhat annoyed he didn’t mention how good he was at projection before, but he surprised himself was well. I also imagine from the pain we see him in that some kind of price will be exacted for using this power if and when he ends up using it again. And because he’s the hero, it’s likely he’ll bear that pain without telling anyone.


That was a nice battle, and also a good new power awakening for Shirou, as well as another trial that brought him and Rin closer together. It seems like Archer would have been useful in the situation, but Rin left him home, afraid of Caster’s effect on him.

Meanwhile, Shinji is in a very green area talking with a bloke who I’m guessing is his new servant. Speaking of being in over one’s head; the naive, petulant Shinji definitely seems to be that.


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7 thoughts on “Fate / stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – 10”

  1. The one who forced Kuzuki and Caster to retreat was actually Saber, after she recovered. In fact, if you pay attention, just before that happen it is shown Shirou in pain out of his own magic, so it isn’t clear how much longer he would last alone.

  2. I got a chance to catch up and I have to say the only issues I have this week were:

    1) god damn kids! It’s annoying that they were so dismissive of two people from the get go who not only turned out to be mages but… were OBVIOUSLY MAGES to the rest of us. I mean, Damn! Could we at least get 1 real red herring or a few more teachers to make mister evil murder teacher not stand out so much???


    2) The blatant ‘we’re not going to kill anyone yet’ fight break offs feel forced now. I’ll concede that killing Shinji was what –I– would have done as a teenager in this situation, but not everyone would think that way and Emiya obviously doesn’t want to kill people in general. However, this is the 4th ‘I guess we wont kill each other’ moment we’ve had in the series and it feels contrived/just dragging the show out.

    Those grievances said, I greatly enjoyed the episode. In fact, the implication that Sensei killed rider by himself is rather fantastic!

    1. To be fair oigakkosan, you were convinced in your last review that Caster’s Master would turn out to be Sakura, rather then lord of crazy martial arts Soichirou Kuzuki.

      (While Caster is reinforcing him so he can actually lands blows on Servants, everything else is him. He uses a self-made martial art called Snake, and his arms basically are snakes. He launches initial blows, and when his opponents dodge, he hits from the blind angle from the dodge. It’s well-suited for tactical opponents, and is actually the worst against idiots who won’t dodge. That, and everyone underestimates him because humans shouldn’t be able to hurt Servants.)

      (On that note he retreats because Snake is basically an assassin’s technique and is only useful when the target is unfamiliar with him. That, and the underestimation is a nonfactor. It’s why Caster had to rush to save his bacon when Saber got back up)

      Anyway, as always, another great review from the Rabujoi team. The rollercoaster just keeps going down from here, and the most thrilling parts have yet to arrive! (Final episode of this cour is an hour woot!)

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