Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 07


Murakami Ryouta didn’t ask for a harem of escaped super-human hotties. He got saved by one of them in a mudslide, felt compelled to help her, and one girl led to another until his Observatory of Love grew to four. Their salvation is his crusade, and worrying over them is a full-time job…though he has a part-time job tutoring nosy pipsqueaks.


At his present level of involvement in their…situation, there’s no way someone like him wouldn’t blame himself if some or all of them were to meet their doom, which could come slow when they run out of pills his uncle can’t copy in time, or fast when the next lab-assassin, Nanami, rears her twin-tailed head.


His options are all but limited to storming the lab where they escaped from and stealing more pills, and the timing is limited to a month. This is not an ideal situation, and the chances of success with any plan are slimmer than Kazumi’s figure, but in the meantime, the girls still have their lives. If he can’t save them, he’s not going to stop them from living them.


To that end, Neko goes to Karaoke and gets hit on, and Ryouta takes Kazumi to what turns out to be a date to Akiba. Here, Kazumi’s gentler, sweeter side really shines through; it’s the kind of perfect day you expect a show to give someone before killing them. I hope I’m wrong, because Kazumi’s kind of the life of the party.


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Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Gokukoku no Brynhildr – 07”

  1. “I hope I’m wrong, because Kazumi’s kind of the life of the party”. As it has been said in some discussions regarding this show, Kazumi=Best girl. I enjoy her straightforward interactions with Ryota and i feel that she has more chemistry even though he’s not that responsive towards her movements if that makes any sense.

    1. Agreed, I’ve enjoyed how she cuts through the typical courtship BS and just…GOES for it, which is always throwing Ryouta off. I also like how they gave her a private moment to lower her armor and cry over the pill news.

      1. hey,she was a limited time to live so she gets that she has to put 100% in everything she does. I think she said before in a previous ep that she hates not putting all her effort into something

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