Made in Abyss – 06

After a tense moment when Reg’s arms are thrown away by Ozen, she eventually has the gondola lowered for them. Even this relatively short ascent causes deep discomfort to Riko, who has to hurl. She doesn’t make a great impression with Ozen, who chides the kids for going where they’re not allowed, then handing them off to her apprentice Marulk, claiming she has “other matters to attend to.”

Ozen may be a cool, even cruel customer—repeatedly telling Riko how she thought about abandoning her as a baby years ago, and how she probably should have—but hey, she doesn’t kill Riko or Reg, so she can’t be that bad!

Also, Marulk is downright lovely person, proof that even someone who has spent virtually all her life so far from the surface in near-solitude, can not only be reasonably well-adjusted, but friendly and affable as well. I guess it’s ’cause she’s still a kid. It’s too late for Ozen.

The question of whether Marulk is a boy or girl is left unanswered, though Marulk and Reg express identical bashfulness when Riko once again demonstrates no modesty whatsoever after bathing.

No matter: Marulk is genuinely happy to have Riko and Reg in her care, and enjoys talking with them. She also notes the difference between relics that are sent up to Orth and more complex “grade-4 relics” that stay there. These egg-shaped relics remind me of the Precursor Orbs you had to collect in Jak & Dakster.

After a meal, Marulk even suggests Riko and Reg stay at the camp a while longer to cave raid for relics of their own finding. Riko initially excited by the offer, but turns it down, as she’s not sure whether she should be in a hurry to go see her mom, so she has to be in a hurry. I felt bad for poor kind, meek Marulk, for whom Riko and Reg are the only children her age she’s seen or may ever see.

When Riko has to go pee late in the night, she can’t find the bathroom, but does encounter something else: some kind of strange creature that may or may not be threatening, but also seemed a bit clumsy. While a part we saw resembled a face, it also looked like a headless torso with a spine sticking out. I immediately thought of Reg, and wondered whether this was another android…in a less advanced state of completion.

The next morning, while drying Reg’s sheets (she hid in his bed and wet it), Reg and Marulk are present when Ozen drops the hammer on Riko: Lyza is dead; her journey ends there; she found her White Whistle at a grave on the Fourth Layer. Ozen seems to take a kind of sick joy in telling Riko this, but to her credit Riko doesn’t get upset like she did with Nat back in Orth.

Instead, she and the other two follow Ozen to her “chamber”, a foreboding place where we see books, what looks like a second Ozen body, and most perplexing, a very smooth, white, somewhat iridescent cube, which reminded me of the monolith in 2001. The episode ends there, with what exactly this chamber and cube are left unanswered until next week.

My educated guess (which probably isn’t anything special) is that Ozen has been researching and developing robots like Reg, and possibly using that same technology to make her “immovable”, i.e. give her superhuman strength.

I’m far less certain whether I should believe her when she says Lyza’s dead, but then again I realize Riko’s been operating on some pretty large assumptions with paltry evidence to back them up. You know, as kids do. Yet even a bit of Riko probably knew there was a possibility her mother isn’t waiting for her much much further below ground. But like her, I’d want to see for myself nonetheless.

Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Made in Abyss – 06”

  1. You are right, there is a lot to ponder in this episode. Where to start? Is Marulk even human at all or is she some sort of creation of either the Abyss or of Ozen? Or is she just a light sensitive young girl after all? Is he a boy? (I hadn’t thought of that one) Something in the way she and Reg were chatting made me wonder whether there is more to her than it first seems.

    Secondly Riko’s monster. Now what would a threatening creature like that be doing in the safe confines of the Seeker Camp? I’m wondering if it will be real at all or a manifestation of Riko’s night terrors made real somehow by the powers of The Abyss? Or is it what Ozen has become herself? Blue Whistles. I’m wondering if Ozen will take back the Blue Whistles or whether she is quietly promoting them, since they have both reached the depths of level 2?

    Lastly Riko’s mother; I think Riko is right not to give up on Lyza just yet. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Lyza has faked her death in order to do what she is doing undisturbed. Ozen knows (or doesn’t know) about that but is not going to give Riko what she wants easily.

    At least some of these questions will be answered in Ozen’s inner sanctum. I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation until next week!

    1. I almost immediately assumed the “monster” wasn’t really a monster at all, but just easily perceived as such by a young girl in the middle of the night in a dark and unfamiliar place. As in The Berenstain Bears’ Spooky Old Tree, mundane things just seem scarier under those conditions. I’m not saying the thing she saw was mundane, but it wasn’t trying to scare Riko. I think it was one of Ozen’s experiments sensing someone nearby and reacting out of instinct.

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