Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 30

Note Orga tucking his tie to keep it clean – nice little detail
With so much opportunity for prosperity and stability on the horizon, Orga’s not one to go soft: When he’s late for dinner, he doesn’t ask Atra to heat it up, preferring to “deal with whatever’s in front” of him, be it food, work, or trouble.

Mika, always one to both notice and speak up about things no one else does, notices Orga is looking a little skinny, and drops some of his weird nut things on top of Orga, who isn’t a fan of the taste. But by episode’s end, Mika’s coat lint-garnished snacks are the least troublesome thing he must deal with.


Julieta and Iok report their failure back to Rastal, who already has plans to open a front against McGillis on Earth, using some “bearded gentleman” Iok isn’t comfortable with but Julieta seems to be fine with, as long as he serves her master ably.

Julieta also meets with Mask Gaelio, who seems to be trying to warn her about trusting someone, even a superior, too closely. After all, all he and Carta ever were to McGillis were loyal and admiring, and he repaid them by screwing them royally. His only mistake was not making sure Gaelio was dead.


McGillis’ enemies are joining forces out of a shared desire to see him fall, and McGillis’ enemies are now Tekkadan and Admoss Co.’s enemies. They reaped the benefits in last week’s battle, but Tekkadan’s Earth Branch represents its soft, vulnerable underbelly, and Radice has already given up on the ragtag Tekkadan Earth crew he deems “uneducated animals”.

Mere minutes before a commencement address, Makanai’s office is bombed, and Radice is in on it. Chad is injured along with Makanai, leaving Radice in charge of Tekkadan Earth, and he wastes no time showing his contempt for his underlings in keeping them in the dark.

Radice is having a drink with the “bearded gentleman” when the bomb goes off, and this is only the beginning, as rumors start to swirl everywhere that the SAU is responsible for the incident, and Gjallarhorn is brought in to arbitrate.


It’s a chaotic situation and the last thing Orga, Chad, and Takaki wanted. Takaki, the ostensible leader of Tekkadan Earth with Radice having turned against them (still unbeknownst to them), must way everyone’s selfish desire to avenge Chad with Chad’s actual orders to keep things under control. It’s a lot for the gentle-hearted Takaki to take on, and just when he was hoping he could give Fuka a better life on Earth.

He at least has Aston on his side, who may share the others’ thirst to avenge Chad but considers his duty to his superior more important. What ticks Takaki off is that in interpreting his duty to him, Aston goes straight to fighting or dying for him.


Tekkadan was supposed to be moving past such desperate measures, but McGillis’ and their foes are determined to keep them dragged down in the mire. On a hunch, Orga rushes the delivery of weapons and new mobile suits to Earth, and sends Eugene and Akihiro to make sure they get there.

Mika and Kudelia also tag along for the journey, and with such big names it looks like Earth is going to play a bigger role than I thought…once they get there. It’s a three-week trip, and a lot can happen on the ground in that time.


Like Orga, Takaki isn’t fully aware of the depths of Radice’s betrayal when he shakes the hand of Arbrau Defense Force’s new commander, the hulking “bearded gentleman” Galan Mossa. But he’s certainly uneasy about the future, and his future self narrating admits this was the time a trap began closing around Tekkadan; one that they could not escape from without more fighting and dying. It’s a cold dinner, but all they can do is deal with it.


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5 thoughts on “Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – 30”

  1. I’m not sure that’s Galileo. He has a distorter for a reason not be wounded more lie Ein. I really, really hope I’m wrong about that though.

    1. Ein clearly died at the end of season 1 after Mika stabbed the cockpit of the Graze Ein. And even before that, he was pretty much a vegetable when he was strapped to the MS. on the other hand, Gaelio’s “death” at the end of S1 was more ambiguous. If you rewatch their fight in ep. 25, you’ll notice that the Grimgerde stabbed the Kimaris Trrooper slightly off to the side of the cockpit. Besides, Gaelio has more reasons to take revenge on McGillis than Ein.

  2. I appreciate that Orga gave background characters like Chad and Takaki a chance to be at the forefront of this new Earth Branch, but I really don’t think either has the real talent and intuition that is needed to lead. Orga himself could smell something was rotten about Radice from millions of miles away, even without having seen or talked to him.

    Takaki unfortunately is one of those characters who is too nice and kind-hearted for this kind of role. The optimist who likes to see the good in everyone. Even when under the heel of CGS in the first episode, he was making exscuses for the abuse he got. The only time he went on the offensive was when Biscuit died.
    Here, he really wants to consider Radice part of the Tekkadan family, but the word “family” shouldn’t be tossed around so lightly. Radice might work for Tekkadan, but he is in no way part of them. In fact, he is betraying them and most horribly. He is setting Tekkadan up as a scapegoat that will spark a war after a terrorist bomb takes out Makanai and Chad.

    He’s not letting the two sides of Tekkadan talk to each other, and it’s causing havok. Even if the Mars group leaves for Earth today, it would still take the better part of a month to get to Earth.

    Also, I find it interesting that all this was a set up by Rustal, who sent the new bearded character, Mossa, to set all this up. He’s really will to cause an entire war just to take out Tekkadan and one up McGillis? This guy is more evil than I thought.
    This is sparking a new dark chapter in our plot and I seriously hope that Takaki can realize that Radice is an evil SOB who doesn’t deserve any sort of mercy. But I have a feeling that Aston is going to be the one who takes him out after something happens to Takaki.

  3. This is a grim reminder that, while Tekkadan did manage to score a huge victory, they are still pretty much just a bunch of naive kids. And “wiser” adults will surely exploit that to their advantage. Since it was Takaki who narrates this episode, I am guessing thathe will survive whatever onslaught will come to them. But with the tone of his narration, many of the folks at the Earth Branch wouldn’t. Looks like Mari Okada is about to go into Kill ’em All mode now.

    I really like that Orga and Mika, for once, are more of bit players in this particular arc. It is a nice way to give the other Tekkadan members more exposure, even if everything is about to go down the drain.

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