Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki – 01 (First Impressions)


Three quarters (or more) of this 3 minute long show is dedicated to a battle between Yokai that exists only to set up a single joke: these siblings argue over stupid things and take it too far.

While the character designs are …okay… and the animation is …okay… a single joke is a hard sell to make for a series opener. Mildly cute and mildly good looking just don’t cut it and, since nothing else was provided, there’s nothing else I can really talk about.

At least I didn’t feel insulted or degraded by watching it. Just bored…


Anitore! XX – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: 5 generic girl-types in skimpy clothes prance around talking to the viewer, who doesn’t talk back. A mouse digs into one girls boobs, another girl does leg splits in front of us, there’s a 8th grade syndromer, and a clutz with big boobs and glasses. Also, a white haired girl on a mover board.

While the first person perspective participatory role of the viewer is interesting, there’s nothing novel about Anitore! XX. It’s just tame ecchi with blushing girls showing their stomaches and making cute noises. It’s not even clear what the plot is from the episode, since no one bothers to explain what is going on and there’s no twist or reveal.

While the art style is serviceable, and the angles are actually creative, you have so many cuter or raunchier shows available. Add on that this is a short format (4 minute run length) show and there is no reason to expect anything to develop during the season either.


Cheating Craft – 01 (First Impressions)


This C-Type fights to protect his L-Type with a tranq-pen…

The Gist: in a world where a single test, the National Special-Level University Exam of Fate, dictates a person’s entire life status, there are two types of students: L-Types who’s learning power and expensive training regimens lets them pass the test and C-Types who use equally expensive means to cheat their way through.

This story will involve a boy named Shokatsu Mumei and a girl named Ou Koi, who are apparently trying to pass the test to have their father released from prison. However, for most of this episodes twelve minute run time, we get to see the story of other boys passing or failing the test.

Roll… credits?


You may enjoy Cheating Craft because it has a great sense of humor and is merciless satire of all things testing. It’s short and to the point and the narration really works to set the stage. even if I have no idea what the stage is set to do.

It’s probably okay to skip Cheating Craft because it’s a relatively silly concept for a show and only last 12 minutes. It basically doesn’t introduce any characters or meaningfully set up their circumstances. It’s also doubtful that the characters will develop into anything, given the shows apparent hard-core focus on satire.

It’s also not much of a looker either…

Oji’s Verdict: I’m sticking with Cheater Craft for now because the subject matter is pretty novel and, so far, I’ve enjoyed the humor.

It is over the top in all the right ways. For goodness sakes, its so totally not afraid that it tells us 2 characters we haven’t even met yet are going to be love interests!


To Be Hero – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: Old Man is a slob and only good at picky up easy floozies, which upsets his only daughter tremendously. Also, he is a toilet seat designer.

One night, after running into his creepy flasher neighbor and suddenly realizing he needed to take a dump, old man is sucked into the sewer and meets a fem version of Mario Mario, who informs Old Man that he will now be a super hero and must stop an alien invasion tomorrow.

Unfortunately, being a super hero means Old Man now looks like a giant fat slob and whatever he wants to say comes out  inappropes. Chaos and laughter ensues…


You will probably like To Be Hero if you enjoyed One Punch Man and don’t mind an 11 minute long, slightly vulgar version alternative. The dialog is quick and packed with humor, as are the visuals, and the goofy setup of the show prevents it from simply feeling like a OPM knock off.

You may not enjoy To Be Hero if unlikeable protagonists and creepy characters aren’t your thing. Generally, no one is especially wholesome in this show. Additionally, while the visuals deliver humor and some action pretty well, this is not an especially pretty show and I do not expect OPM quality fighting.


Oji’s Verdict: TBH moves quick and had my chuckling throughout its short run time. I also found it unpredictable and have no idea where it will go from here, which is a major hook for me as a reviewer.

Considering how much I enjoyed OPM and was disappointed by Mob Psycho’s first 6 episodes, this seems right up my alley. If you’ve given it a look and feel otherwise, or want to engage in healthy a shouting duel about this vs Mob Psycho, join me in the comments below!


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