Rokka no Yuusha – 08


Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Hans is done talking with Adlet, who manages to escape using a smoke bomb, but Hans doesn’t let up in his pursuit, and they end up crossing swords once more. This means Adlet, who only proves Hans right if he kills a fellow brave, cannot achieve victory by defeating him or outsmarting him.

No, he has to convince Hans without a shadow of a doubt that he’s not the seventh brave. He does so by launching his sword blade at him, a move Hans did not predict, but Adlet intentionally misses, something the seventh would not have cause to do.


Hans seems to accept that Adlet isn’t a fake, while Adlet bets that Hans isn’t the seventh, or he’s set himself up for slaughter. Indeed, Hans tells him he’s the real seventh, and slits his throat—but it’s only a hallucination induced by the poison on the blade he cut Adlet with.

In that state, Adlet is incapable of lying, and looks like his time is up, convincing Hans once and for all that Adlet is a comrade, not an enemy. WHEW! And what do you know, now that Hans has proven he’s reasonable (and not the seventh), I instantly like the guy a lot more.


If only the others were around to witness their exchange. Instead, Mora and Fremy are off on their own, still convinced Adlet is the seventh and ready to kill him on sight, heightening the tension of the situation. Though at least Nashetania manages to convince Goldof that his prejudiced view of Adlet is a result of jealousy, since he believes Tania is driven by feelings for him.

Finally, after Adlet and Hans inspect the temple further, Adlet decides he needs to ask Chamot, who along with Hans are the only two people who weren’t briefed on how the barrier is activated.


Adlet doesn’t suspect Chamot, mind you, but Chamot is simply bored and does not care who is a real brave and who is fake. Just as the 16-year-old Goldof’s judgment was susceptible to his hormones, the even younger Chamot is driven by a desire to wrap things up quickly and neatly. If the seventh isn’t Adlet, it’s Fremy, or Kitty-san, or the Princess and her aide. Chamot is confident she can destroy the Demon God on her own, so she’ll kill everyone else to ensure they won’t get in her way (everyone but Mora, that is).

And I have to hand it to her, she makes a good case for why she’s good enough to take on the Demon God alone, as well as why Fremy ran the hell away from her rather than fight. Chamot eats her cattail and rather disturbingly vomits out a swamp, from which numerous squishy fiends emerge and attack Adlet and Hans. When they try to cut them down, they instantly regenerate and keep coming.

It’s a frightening, relentless attack, but Chamot’s comment about not killing Mora leaves open the possibility Mora could put a stop to her foolishness. She and Fremy just have to get there before Adlet and Hans buy it!


Author: magicalchurlsukui

Preston Yamazuka is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

2 thoughts on “Rokka no Yuusha – 08”

  1. You know at this point I don’t think the Demon God has anything to worry about. Only 2 of the braves Adlet and Flamie seem to be seriously interested in killing the Demon God. Nashchetania is a mystery, Goldov is too horny to see reason, Hans has no real reason to be here, Maura acts like she drew the short straw and Chamot just wants to kill and torture stuff and is easily bored. Aside from Adlet and Flamie the whole lot seems more likely to kill each other or get bored and distracted than complete their mission. Seventh or no seventh.

    If I were the Demon God I would just build a maze and sit back with some popcorn and watch the “braves” do my work for me. The last thing I would do is send a bunch of fiends to give them something to unite against. Trapping them in the fog was genius.

    I am also starting to think that Flamie isn’t that competent. Chamot should have been an easy kill for her. If you play any games you know that snipers and assassins are the perfect weapon against summoners. All you need is a clear strike on the summoner and given Chamot’s lack of sophistication I don’t see that being a problem.

    1. Oh, I dunno, I’m a little more hopeful now that Adlet was able to successfully convince Hans. If Mora can be swayed and manage to rein in Chamot’s homicidal tendencies, he’ll have a nice alliance of Hans, Mora, Fremy (who’ll listen to reason) and a chastened Chamot. This is all still assuming Tania is the seventh, which is still a mystery.

      As for Fremy being unable to take out Chamot in the past, Chamot’s power is some pretty scary and surprisingly versatile shit. She surrounds her prey menacingly with instantly regenerating “saint-fiends”, but they can also surround her like an ablative shield, providing a pretty solid defense against ranged attacks.

      And while yes, Chamot isn’t all that sophisticated, she attacks with overwhelming numbers that Just. Keep. Coming. There’s also the possibility (however slight, as she’s still supposedly human) Chamot’s body itself is invulnerable to bullets, making things even trickier for a sniper/assassin.

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