Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! – 06


Binan Koukou rolled into my cue a week late this week, so it’s back-to-back review time! Sadly, that’s about as enthusiastic I’m going to get this time…

I’m not saying it was a bad, per say, but lacked the spark of dialog and genre distillation of it’s predecessors.


This week’s villain is the number one student of Binan Academy. Except he isn’t because Battle Lover Orange bumps up from number two and is also more popular and doesn’t mumble to himself or have an absurd name. Yes! The villains name is Number One!

Also, he turns into a Tank with a screw loose and tickle-monster arms. Hrm…


Highlights: Sensei’s body is starting to stink, the student council is starting to have quirky ramble-banter similar to the defense club, the council tries to recruit Orange away from the defense club, everyone is worried about grades, and everything works out in the end.

Not much to say, really. The defense club muses that it’s weird that enemies all seem to appear around the school, close to them, and usually right after the club talks about enemies showing up… which is a knowing, sure, but not a cover observation and the club gets very little screen time to ‘joke around’ in general.


If it had an emotional center, or a genre-judging comedy moment, it would be Orange’s sudden betrayal followed by Pink’s counter. I mean:

“Money never betrays”

“But you do?!”

It’s a decent exchange, and sort of makes sense with the characters had any real build up gone into it. The sudden power cords jamming in the background was a nice touch too but, it was so brief (they resolve to be friends again in battle moments later) and undeveloped leading up to it that there was no impact.


It all lacks weight or comedy or charm or plot development or meaningful character growth. In two words: stuff happened.

At least The good guys and bad guys have met each other now, which may edge the plot forward in the next episode but… a low note for the series so far.


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  1. I suppose the Tank-Monster was rather phalic this week and I suppose you could read more into that but it doesn’t change my score or feeling that nothing really ‘clicked’

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