Joukamachi no Dandelion – 02


I had suspected it last week, but now I’m certain (after checking): this is, like Re-Kan!, an anime based on a 4-koma manga. The joke-punchline rhythm gives it away. But that also means it moves along nicely.

We get two separate stories this week: the first about the dynamic between Akane (third daughter) and Kanade (second daughter and twin of Shuu) as they walk to school. Akane gloms onto Kanade to avoid the cameras, but when she spots a cat about to get run over, she doesn’t hesitate to spring into Hero Mode, which in turn causes Kana to do the same to save her and the cat.

Kanade can tell her younger sister has what it takes to be king, if only she could get over her devastating shyness; and would likely vote for her if she weren’t in the running herself. I also like that Kanade has to constantly save up to afford her expensive materialization power, e.g. a surprise 40 million to save Akane!


The second part interestingly doesn’t focus on the point of view of a Sakurada sibling, but one of their admirers, specifically Sato Hana, who has known Shuu since the fourth grade and has developed feelings for him. Hana is elated that Shuu remembers her, and would do anything just to talk or spend time with him.

When she tries to say goodbye to him for the day, she spots him with Akane and, due to Akane’s glomminess and their out-of-context banter, Hana believes they’re lovers, to her dismay.


But since they’re royalty, the siblings know when they’re being followed, and confront Hana, who unexpectedly comes right out and confesses with Shuu. Coincidentally, Shuu happens to care for her more than any of the other girls due to her simplicity and honesty, but informs her his priority is keeping Kanade from winning (which, mind you, doesn’t necessarily mean winning the election himself!)

Hana says she’ll wait for him until after the election, and Shuu, for his part, promises he’ll return her feelings then. She declines his offer to walk her home (suggested by Akane, acting tough for the couple’s sake) but is delighted to get a glad-you-made-it-home/goodnight call from Shuu later that night. All in all, a cute and brisk little soliloquy.


Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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  1. For the record, the reason why Hana couldn’t tell who Akane was at first was due to Shu making Akane move her twintails up; as such, Hana wasn’t able to recognize her from behind, but when they meet face to face she instantly recognizes her. I actually didn’t get that until the second viewing.

    1. That makes sense. Nice catch! I suppose if a celebrity princess were to suddenly change her presumably iconic hairstyle one day, she wouldn’t be as recognizable from behind at a glance…

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