Renai Boukun – 01 (First IMpressions)

The Gist: A mysterious girl appears on Aino Seiji’s doorstep with warnings of his impending doom…unless he kisses someone in the next 24 hours. Magic is involved, as are the heavens, but the only girl Aino has an interest in is Hiyama Akane, the most popular girl in school, who probably doesn’t know he even exists…

Stop reading this review right now and go watch Renai Boukun because it’s fast, clever and expertly timed comedy. It pokes fun at conventions left and right and it’s utterly hilarious. But you have to watch it right now because the humor relies on unexpected twists and complications and almost any forewarning will ruin it.

The Verdict: While RB is a subpar looking show, from the terrifying human-faced house cat, to the fate of Aino’s parents, to the recurring gag about cosplay, the sheer joy of its antics quickly won my heart. Go watch it now—and I promise to talk about it in greater detail next week!


2 thoughts on “Renai Boukun – 01 (First IMpressions)”

  1. Best comedy of the Spring I’ve seen so far. Moves super-quick, and sports both punch and heart in spades. The voice work is fantastic, and I loved the specificity of the Gurkha knives. Can’t wait for the next episode. Must watch indeed.

  2. Seiji reminds me of Kamijou Touma from Index for some reason. I really enjoyed this episode and also Sakura Quest which I’ve also picked up.

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