Tiger Mask W – 01 (First Impressions)


The Gist: imagine a world where WWF from the 1980’s was really real and the absurd backstories of its actor/wrestlers were harsh and traumatic. Now imagine that world is crudely drawn, quickly (but incoherently) paced, and you have Tiger Mask W.

The plot is about two boys who enter wresting to take revenge upon the man who destroyed their father/ father figure. Each boy ends up wearing a tiger mask, but for different organizations and will, probably, have a show down with each other at some point in the season.


bad figures, color pallete, composition and scale… at least it has a picture of a motor cycle in the middle of it…

The verdict: Tiger Mask’s plot is almost terrible enough to be funny but it’s too convoluted to engage. The whole Global Wrestling Monopoly Conspiracy is weird and distracts from the initial thrust of the story, and I’m not even getting into the whole gym of under dogs that somehow get rolled into ‘Monopoly’s plan to take over Japanese wrestling.’

Maybe I’m too old for this? But, even if I liked wrestling, animation this ugly and narratively slapped together would probably be a turn-off.


2 thoughts on “Tiger Mask W – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. Tiger Mask’s an old-school shonen franchise – it was very popular in 1970s Japan and helped popularise its local pro wrestling movement (which is why W’s sponsored by Japan’s Wrestling Association).

    The crappy, rough animation’s nostalgia bait, meant to emulate the not-so-advanced animation styles of 1970s cel-drawn TV anime. Luckily, this anime only has 30+ episodes, compared to the original’s 100+.

    1. To be fair, when all my friends were drooling over Hulk Hogan in the ’80s, I had no such interest. I’m aware of WWF/WCW but this kind of fantasy really doesn’t appeal to me. Intentionally bad drawing and whiplash pacing only further push it out of my tolerance :(

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