Gundam: G no Reconguista – 16


Look at all that WEED.


“Heh-heh…I am so stoned right now!”


“WAAAAAH…I miss my boyfriend!”

(It’s never explained why Rara feels the need to laugh, then cry, in such an unnatural way. Though maybe I missed something.)


OH SNAP! Aida and Bellri are brother and sister? Well, no wonder their romance was going nowhere! Oh wait, that was because nothing was written for their romance.

This seems to piss Bell off, though I can’t imagine why, since he’s never mentioned anything about having feelings for Aida. Everything has been only vaguely implied, which is actually how all romantic relationships on Gundam G are like.


Aida practices her TechCrunch Disrupt talk.


“Oh, BARARAAAAAAA, I love it when you talk dirty.”

Take these two. We’re just supposed to take it on faith these two are an item, just because they nuzzle up sometimes?


I still don’t see what Manny sees in him. Certainly not his eyes. Those are hidden by his mask.


Here are two more touchy-feely-kissy vaguely-implied couples. The writers just couldn’t bother to come up with a reason for them to be together, except the fact they work together, I guess.


This is actually a pretty cool shot…reminds me a little of 2001, never a bad thing.


OH NO, NOT PONDS. If only it was lagoons…


You and me both, BZ.


Those two words kinda mean the same thing.


Another nice shot: this one with three different levels of scale in one shot: the mobile suits, the Garanden, and Cyrano-5, which we learned is named that because the meteor it’s built on resembles de Bergerac’s famous nose. Somebody read a book!…Or at least watched Wishbone.


More touchy-feeliness! Although in this case, Rara isn’t interested in being touched.


Already playing the Sister Card, eh? Wait, there’s no such thing as a Sister Card! I’d know; I have a sister. So what the heck is he talking about? How does having or not having a sister have any bearing on whether Bellri kills his attackers next time?


Captain Gavan has the Titular Line! 


No, but neither were any of the others.



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3 thoughts on “Gundam: G no Reconguista – 16”

  1. I am a big Gundam nut. But, honestly, even with that, G-Reco is starting to really disappoint. Okay, I assume that this series would run for 50 eps (the standard length for a full Gundam series), but even for that, this is just excruciatingly slow. We’re already at episode 15 and yet the story has practically ground to a halt. Nothing of significance happens and the battles are all pretty pointless.

    This is even worse in the character department, as none of the cast is really laid out well. For one, this episode is desperately trying to make the audience feel Bellri’s agony. But what is there to agonize about anyway? What’s even the significance of the whole reveal that Bellri and Aida are siblings? That one really feels like it is just there because it is an obligatory Gundam twist.

    Honestly, for all its facepalm-inducing moments, Cross Ange actually has a lot more going for it now than Reco.

    1. It’s a shame, because I’ve ben spoiled by what I deemed ‘Good Gundam’. I’ve only fully watched Seed, Seed Destiny, and 00 to completion, shows I found to have coherently-written stories and while character development was straightforward, it also…existed.. I still find G-Reco gorgeous at times, but it lacks all of that.

      I know MAL scores are to be taken with a grain of salt, but in this case the numbers don’t lie:

      Seed: 8.00 (46K users)
      Seed Destiny: 7.43 (33K)
      00: 8.29 (55K)
      00: 8.26 (43K)
      00 Movie: 7.45 (18K)
      G-Reco: 6.25 (2.3K)

      G-Reco is a dog, and I’m not surprised all Zane can do with it is pull out unintentionally funny lines and images. It’s definitely a ‘laughing at, not with’ kind of situation.

      1. I’m gonna shamelessly mention that Gundam Build Fighters is 8.03 (7.9k) in the hopes Zane get tempted. When a friend advised me to watch it, I had low expectations, but I honestly think its my favorite Gundam series right now.

        If you ever wondered how it would look if all your favorite Gundams from all your favorite series fought in a tournament then look no further. Although the series is aimed towards kids, the characters are loveable and the humor is good.

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