Sabagebu! – 03


Welcome to week 3 of Sabagebu!, the wacky-show-that-could I initially disliked (and still regularly spell wrong). This time around we’re introduced to the Survival Club’s advisor, Sakura-san, a young woman with a big heart and a habit of attracting trouble.

To the club’s dismay, Sakura has volunteered them to remove a nest angry of hornets from the school grounds. To show how serious she takes her job, Sakura comes dressed as a bear… because reasons.

All in all, it’s a cute chapter and it also let the animators show off some bad ass pant ball alt-costumes for the girls. Maya’s skull face bandannas were especially nice.


The second chapter is dedicated to Haguro, a little blond girl who Mio dishonored during a carnival. It’s complicated, but boils down to Mio righting a wrong, but seeing no need to ‘pay out’ everyone who wasn’t able to see through the carnival’s con.

Haguro challenges the club to a fight but Momoka comes alone, because NO ONE INSULTS MOMOKA AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. Battle ensues and Momoka wins, after a short interlude involving a cat puppet and an oddly English play on words.


Considering Haguro is a middle schooler and does not appear to be a regular cast member, I’m curious to see where this show goes. Without the structure of a tournament, its hard to know what it will do with itself next. Maybe they keep introducing characters week after week for a chuckle and move on? Maybe that’ll work. Maybe not.

Wherever it goes, I’ll be watching.