Fukigen na Mononokean – 01 (First Impressions)


The gist: this is in the vein of Kokkuri-san, where cute and/or quirky super natural things happen, but the show is really about the central relationships. In a round-about way, I’m saying the plot doesn’t really matter in this kind of show.

In FnM Ashiya isa high school student unfortunately glommed onto by a Youkai, and Abeno-san, a grumpy exorcist is the only other person who can see the spirits. They make an odd couple, with Ashiya’s flower-emotional mother adding extra spice to the up beat humor.


You will probably enjoy FnM for it’s charm. Abeno-san is appropriately deadpan, Ashiya is understandably high strung and out of his element, and the super natural stuff is fun. Definitely chuckle worthy.

However, FnM may not hold your attention because it’s relatively slow and low energy. I guess that makes sense, since the first plot is about a Youkai that is draining Ashiya’s strength slowly away… but still. Lethargic is lethargic.


The Verdict: if you are looking for a safe, slightly funny show with unpretentious but unimpressive visuals, you can do a whole lot worse than  Fukigen na Mononokean. Most likely, you can predict everything it has to offer but, as a genre, it’s not so main stream as to feel generic.

For that, I give it a thumbs up, a mild recommendation, and have no intention to review future episodes ;-)



One thought on “Fukigen na Mononokean – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. Watching this episode reminded me of the classic picture book story “There’s No Such Thing as a Dragon,” where a small dragon appears in a little boy’s bedroom one day, and keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger until the boy and his mom are finally forced to admit that it exists and give it the attention it wants.

    This probably isn’t a show I’m going to watch weekly this season, but I might come back for the rest of it in the future if I’m looking for something light and pleasant.

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