Cheer Dashi!! – 01 (First impressions)


Haru’s injury means he can’t Judo anymore. Meanwhile, his sister continues to Judo, and wins the first tourney on the girl’s team of her college.

So Haru agrees to become a male cheerleader with his childhood friend. Haru is embarrassed at first but, eventually, they recruit one more guy for their team and Haru starts to get into it.


You will not like Cheer Dashi for less obvious reasons than a male cheerleader show would imply. It’s slow — freakishly slow — and quietly sincere. That sincerity certainly protects it from flaunting homosexual stereotypes and cringeworthiness… but it also results in a humorless jaunt that never really builds our excitement along with Haru’s.

The animation also suffers from being heavily referenced from life during the cheer-action, but lifeless at all other times. Expect still frames with people talking in the background here.


So CD!! is a sports anime, where the sport is not well visualized, not especially exciting for most viewers (at least, not when it’s an all male team), and there is no romantic angle to pursue. Even the friendship aspect is fairly clunky.

Cringeworthy in its own right.



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  1. Haven’t watched this one, but browsing through reddit, apparently this show is based on an actual all-mens cheer squad. Apparently Hayami Saori and a few other voice actors went to that university.

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