Taboo Tattoo – 01 (First Impressions)


Seigi is a middle school martial artist living with his emotionally damaged grand father/martial arts sensei. See, Seigi’s father died ‘because he wasn’t strong enough’ and his mother made his childhood friend look out for him, which she does in wifu-like fashion.

Also, AMERICANS are plotting to destroy the second most powerful economy in the world, some south east asian island kingdom and Seigi’s middle school friends tell him the rumor is the AMERICANS have created super science tattoos to do just that!


In fact, Seigi acquires one of these tattoos from a friendly stranger in the very first scene and then meets a young looking (but apparently 30?) female AMERICAN military spy who’s collecting the tattoos that were stolen from AMERICA (by the Yakuza?) and are being sold in Japan.

Unfortunately, she beats the living #$^* out of Seigi AND explains the entire premise of the show to him, including how the tattoos need to be primed before they will work. Except Seigi’s doesn’t, because it’s the most powerful tattoo (the Void Maker), which Seigi uses to save his life from an AMERICAN mafia guy named Bear Teddy, who’s also got a tattoo and is trying to kill all the tattooed competition.


TT defies criticism, largely because it is so completely terrible that it’s hard to know where to start. The pacing is absurdly abrupt and the story is nonsensically idiotic. (AMERICA’s secret weapon is apparently common knowledge to Japanese middle schoolers who read Otaku blogs)

If exposition blasting us with the plot wasn’t bad enough, Seigi’s ‘become the super hero of legend’ arc is generic, his childhood friend’s personality and narrative purpose is generic, the art style is weirdly deformed (their heads are occasionally too big) and a character even has cat ears because, fuck why not right??


The animation during the fighting is okay. Maybe even serviceable. But over all, it is not a looker.

The only moment of joy in the entire episode was Seigi’s request for “Native American Indian Curry Udon” for dinner, which his waifu’s closest approximation apparently involves cabbage and a Jamaican recipe. The runner up? …unexplained cat ears on the AMERICAN. ugh…

This show is complete horseshit.


2 thoughts on “Taboo Tattoo – 01 (First Impressions)”

  1. I didn’t expect this show to score so low. The plot is completely generic so I wasn’t expecting anything great, but the score is lower than both Berserk and Masou Gakuen. I thought at least the show had decent animation during the action scenes and I liked the character design for the AMERICAN. I didn’t even consider watching Masou Gakuen, and Berserk managed to ruin itself even for its fans.

    1. Masou is exactly what it is – bland H with some snarky dialog. It has niche appeal.

      TT took itself seriously and went beyond generic — it failed to even achieve coherent use of the tropes it was drawing on. Seriously, the pacing was terrible, the characters unlikeable and not well rounded and despite the aggressive pace, it dragged. (the whole stalker segment was wtf is this character doing)

      If it were just generic, sure, 5, but it’s not.

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