Aldnoah.Zero – 24 (Fin)


I knew every Orbital Knight wouldn’t immediately heed Asseylum’s out-of-the-blue call for an end to hostilities, but that didn’t matter: as long as some of them stopped to see which was the wind was blowing, it was going to be a huge blow to Slaine’s power base, drawing things that much closer to an endgame.


Neither Lemrina and Harklight want Slaine to give up, but neither of them have the benefit of his experience, all of which runs through his head in the corridor, where he has a clear view of the death and destruction taking place in his name. From there, he decides to evacuate Lemrina and order Harklight and the rest to surrender while he blows the Moonbase up.


Harklight isn’t going down quietly, however, and neither are his Stygis comrades. They end up changing Slaine’s mind, at least insofar as he’d rather go out dueling Inaho one last time then dying in that control room. And so their final battle begins.


When Inaho engages Slaine and asks him (via radio channel…SEE, Gundam G? Mecha pilots CAN communicate with each other once in a while), Slaine assumes Inaho wants to fight him as much as he wants to fight Inaho. But Inaho’s “different objective” isn’t that.


Asseylum had her big badass announcement that turned the tide of the battle, so even though we know this has to be about Inaho and Slaine at this point, it’s a bit disappointing that all she can do here is clasp her fingers together, watch, and wait, hoping the boys don’t succeed in destroying each other.


They very nearly do, too, exhausting their ammo, snapping all of their swords, and finally just pummeling each other like rock-’em-sock-’em robots. But Inaho, even without relying on his magic eye, is the better tactician, and he manages to neutralize Slaine as a threat and serve as an ablative shield for their mutual re-entry into the atmo.


Once back on good old Earth, Slaine again gets the wrong idea, thinking he’s in a reversal of last season’s finale and that Inaho is going to put a bullet in his head. Inaho might want to do that, considering everything Slaine’s put him and Earth and Seylum through, but I knew he wouldn’t.


That brings us to the epilogue, in which Empress Asseylum activates the first Terran Aldnoah Drive as a gesture of goodwill, and EYEPATCH INAHO visits Slaine, who is believed dead by the public, but remains alive in a creepy lucite prison cell.


Not that the creepy cell is helping, but he’s not in a great place emotionally, and not eating his meals. He’s still waiting for Inaho to finish him, to exact justice upon him for all of his sins. But while Inaho has been many things throughout the run of this show—Mary Stu; know-it-all; humblebragger; cyborg; savior of mankind—but he’s no executioner, and he entrusts Slaine’s fate to the one most equipped to properly judge him: Seylum.


Slaine taught Asseylum a lot of things about Earth (some of them, like why the sky is blue, weren’t accurate, but still). But it’s Asseylum who teaches Slaine something about Vers that he may not have picked up on while hanging out with all those Orbital Knights: pages can be turned, people can be forgiven, and lives can be redeemed in time.


Author: braverade

Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

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    1. Asseylum is selling Aldnoah Drives to Earth in turn for Earth resources. Resource crisis is solved. Mars just became the new oil-rich country.

      1. Wrong. Unlike oil, aldnoah drives aren’t expendable. You get one, you’re good. You don’t need to buy another to replace it down the line. The anime shows us this. Vers gets some initial wealth, but quickly Earth doesn’t need to trade with them anymore. Which is a big problem, because little food isn’t going to fix Vers being unfit for colonization to begin with. To sustain the place, you’d need to endlessly pump in resources – which aren’t /going/ to be pumped in anymore once Earth’s had its fill of aldnoah drives, because for whatever reason that is literally all Vers has to trade.

        And this is generously assuming that Asseylum’s managed to deal with Vers’s single biggest problem, the unequal distribution of resources. Otherwise, that small amount of wealth they’ll be getting in the beginning? Will be hoarded by the counts.

        Nothing changes.

      2. Mechanical stuff breakdown you know. And what’s better than one aldnoah drive? Multiple aldnoah drives. Just look at Dioscuria. Rich countries be tripping to get that kind of advantage over others.

        And the drive may have limit maximum energy supplied at any one time. Just look at the Landing Castles and how many glowing balls it have.

        Plus the Vers just need enough water, then they can recycle everything else. They also just need to import a group of animals, so they can breed them themselves. Bring seeds over, grow crops. Problem solved. Lol.

        Corrupt lords be punished by Asseylum. Another problem solved.

      3. I found the ending pretty satisfying, particularly the way Inaho managed to save Slaine from destroying himself for no good reason, and how the princess, with the backing of Cruhteo Jr., managed to bring things to a believable peace, because the other knights aren’t idiots.

      4. I somehow imagined Inaho would’ve killed Slaine, or catch him to put on court trial, if it wasn’t for Asseylum. Inaho is an emotional idiot, likely he might miss the logical point in saving Slaine.

        Slaine decides based on his feelings. He wouldn’t see the point in living now he lost, and Asseylum hate him.

        Slaine got to know Asseylum had not given up hope on him, when he knew he was saved due to her. Inaho was saved by not succumbing to cold logic. Now they both have a chance to reconcile.

  1. Nicely written review. Finally the show ends, with somewhat somber ending.

    Personally I liked this ending. Its nice they put politics and responsibilities above personal relations. And I’m enjoying how they subverted the trope of death flags.

    Funnily those without death flags were the ones ended up dying (Harklight-bro, and Barouhcruz).

    Also the conclusion to the Aldnoah monopoly, the royal feudal system, and Mars resource crisis in a truly peaceful method;
    “We’re told that Empress Asseylum herself will participate in the activation ceremony, but research into making Aldnoah activation privileges universal so that anyone can do it is still ongoing. When that happens, industries using Aldnoah will develop and will greatly help with Earth’s reconstruction. And as the nation that produces Aldnoah, it should also prove to be an effective means for the Vers Empire to earn foreign capital.”

  2. I really love this series’ battle music. But that’s pretty much it for the pros.

    The problem is, this series actually expects the audience to take everything seriously, but never really gives a reason for us to do so. It mumbles about how the war has affected both Earth and Vers, but it really never shows anything else. Instead, all we get is Inaho Gary Stu-ing everything for no reason at all. You can’t expect a serious war drama from that.

    And speaking of the guy, he is really nothing more than an an author avatar. Him spouting all his tactics via some high-fallutin words feels like the writer saying “Look, I’m smart. Yes, you know I am smart!”. I would have actually tolerated his OP skills if the show actually let the other characters do the technical exposition. You just have to wonder, is everyone else this excuciatingly dumb to not know any of the scientific principles?

  3. I came away from this episode without much feeling. The tru-princess’ fiancé still feels tacked on and exists only to facilitate the plot’s completion. Slaine’s supporters to the end never amounted to anything and their ambiguous off-camera deaths lacked weight or connection with the central plot. and faux-princess just flies off into space, unresolved, still unimportant.

    I agree with the 8, in that the episode was engaging and well produced but… blegh? Stuff just happens and the emotional trappings felt more a product of the music and presentation than being legitimately emotional on their own.

    1. The tru-princess’ fiancé still feels tacked on and exists only to facilitate the plot’s completion.

      Ummm, maybe because Cruhteo Junior himself is tacked on, much like almost everything of what season 2 has (including Lemrina). The guy has no real story behind him, Lemrina at least had something to her, though not really enough.

      I must admit that I do like a bit the resolution of Vers opting for economic trade and technology transfer to solve its crisis, it’s interesting. Now, if only the show has instead focused on this instead of Gary Stu, then I could have held this series in high regard.

    2. I can’t deny that much of this season of A/Z has gotten such high ratings from me was due in large part to its impressive presentation. Take away the exotic locales and soaring soundtrack from a lot of those scenes and they lose a great deal of their power, without question. I freely admit I cared a heckuva lot more for the characters of Cross Ange than A/Z.

      1. Animation is animation. Visuals in motion, plus sound. In that way, A/Z2 is a complete success.

        It’s unavoidable :) and as a comparison I wouldn’t have stayed with Death Parade if it looked average. But the limited range of their stories is told in our reviews: neither is a 10, let alone a solid 9 all the way through

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