Star Driver 5

Star Driver gets back to Zero Time, and Takuto battles another troubled member of Glittering Crux. This time, it’s the school nurse, who has a Pretty Boy Complex (why are nurses always after the students?) She pilots a cybody with precognitive abilities that can see a couple seconds into the future, as well as transform her to high school age in the real world. Pretty snappy!

Combined with a love potion concocted with chemicals from the science club, she uses her science to cause a ruckus at the school, ultimately seeking out Takuto, the ultimate pretty boy. When he demurs, she challenges him upfront. Indeed, with her temporal advantage, Tauburn would have been as good as defeated, and she’d be leader of Crux were it not for her one flaw: pretty boys make her distracted, and she let her guard down long enough for Takuto to capitalize and dispatch her.

It’s also made clear that only the ‘drama club’ knows of the existence of Crux and the cybodys. So it’s interesting that they’d let the nurse go back to her job like nothing’s happened – especially when she caused numerous earthquakes that almost caused a volcanic eruption. Regardless, another Crux member is down, and their numbers are dwindling. My interest in this series, however, is a strong as ever. Rating: 3.5