Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 4

This was an exploration of Hotori and Mr. Moriaki’s complex relationship. Obviously, the latter is the strict teacher and the former is the slacking student, but Moriaki is baffled by Hotori’s total lack of mathematical ability to the point that he considers her his “second natural enemy.” The first was his teacher, who told him that in division, sometimes you simply have to live with the remainder.

Moriaki obviously considers himself much more than a simple math teacher; he sees himself as standing on the front lines in a battle between order and chaos. He’s with order; Hotori’s with chaos. They both thrive in their respective realms, and interact like they’re from different planets. Despite being his kryptonite, Hotori seems to have a crush on him. Naturally, he’d firmly reject any advance by a student; his morals wouldn’t allow it.

The interesting part? He’s already had to do just that in the past, and that first student with a crush came back six years later to teach beside him. All in all, an intriguing profile of a character upon whom Hotori seems to be inflicting much more stress than she’s aware. And that broken chair bit was, in the parlance of our times, pure win. Rating: 3.5

Kuragehime 2

The band of single otaku women show their ugly side in this episode where the ones who feel excluded most of the time end up wanting to exclude. The first episode somewhat idealized their existence, so it was good to see them taken down a peg and made, well, less ideal.

Isoating oneself totally from men or beautiful women (or beautiful men dressed like women) and total devotion to one narrow interest can make you an expert on that particular interest, but also make you so clueless about anything else – like social interaction with outsiders – as to be harmful to one’s personality. That everyone was so cold and unwelcoming to the cross-dresser just because she was attractive and stylish is proof of this, and their behavior came off as immature and off-putting.

Thankfully, Tsukini has evolved to the point she can carry on a conversation with her new friend, who seems to genuinely like spending time with her. It turns out that a peace offering of top-quality beef is enough to get that acceptance to spread throughout the ‘nunnery’. But if they find out he’s actually a boy, there will be blood. Rating: 3.5