Arakawa Under the Bridge x 2 7

This week involved a thorough evaluation of the general health of everyone who lives under the bridge. This, after a firendly chat over health between Mayor and Whitey – two middle-aged men – got out of hand. Hoshi and Kou prove they will compete at absolutely anything to get Nino’s attention, right down to who’s sicker. Sister also tries to develop symptoms in the hope Maria will dote upon him. All men like to be worried about by a beautiful woman; these weirdos are no different.

It’s then decided that in preparation for a trip to Venus, everyone will separate into men and women and sit in Sister’s bunker for a week to test their ability to cooperate in sustained close quarters. Neither Billy nor Jacqueline will participate, as it would mean they’d be separated for a week (his likening her to a wireless signal was priceless). The ladies do fine until the sixth day, when, having not insulted anyone for all that time, Maria snaps, lays into P-ko, and all hell breaks loose from there.

The men fare no better until Kou finds P-ko’s logbook and strikes up various conversations in her manner of speaking. Most of them involve the Mayor or some other cute guy, so continuing to use her ideas slowly turns Kou, Hoshi, and Last Samurai insane. The “locked up together” theme was a great way to focus the comedy on these intense characters’ interations. Rating: 3.5

Yosuga no Sora 7

The timeline reverts to when Sora inexplicably wakes Haruka up in the middle of the night to measure her for a uniform. This is the arc where Haruka and Nao hook up, but it would seem they already did. Some time back (how old are these guys again?) she popped Haruka’s cherry, and has always felt guilty about it, which is why despite liking him, she’s so reticent.

What’s interesting about Nao is that her feelings for Haruka seem to have been the same throughout the series so far (unlike the other love interests, who liked him in different arcs and didn’t in others). She just stayed away out of guilt of taking his virginity. She’s not the only one who feels the same throughout; so does Sora.

She seems particularly pissed off about Haruka and Nao getting closer, even going so far as to spend an evening typing “I hate Nao” thousands of times on her laptop. This could be because she knows what Nao did in the past, or it could just be because she’s possessive of her brother. In any case, her jealousy seems to have built up cumulatively. We’ll see if she does anything about it, or just continues sulking as she has the whole series. Rating: 3