Hyakka Ryouran 8

So it’s pretty obvious that Sen’s brother will be gunning for them soon, so it’s strongly suggested that anyone who hasn’t kissed Muneakira and become a master samurai should do so at once. This means Hanzo, Matabei, and even Naoe, none of whom are eager to do so, for their own reasons.

Jubei is also against it, but because they see the kiss as a formality, not a sign of love, something she believes is crucial to forming the pact between samurai and general. Before this debate goes any further, however, another naked girl falls to the sky, just as Jubei did. It turns out she’s another Yagyu; Gisen Yagyu…who proceeds to use her boobs in…unorthodox ways.

Gisen insists that she’s nothing more than Muneakira’s slave, just as they all are. This pisses off Sen, who then challenges her to a duel. Gisen’s no slouch, but Jubei of all people intervenes – the first time we’ve seen her handle a sword in non-master mode. The end result is, Jubei now has a little sister, and the good guys have another bullet in their magazine. Rating: 3

Yosuga no Sora 8

“You got to appreciate what an explosive element this Sora situation is. If she comes home from a hard day of school and finds a couple of lovers doin’ a bunch of lover shit in her kitchen, ain’t no tellin’ what she’s apt to do.

Haruka’s relationship with Nao burgeoned with breakneck speed last week, and now the consequences have arrived. Sora is absolutely not okay with this coupling. Any time she lays eyes on the two of them together, she cannot mask her contempt. While this seems like childish jealousy and possessiveness on the surface, Haruka is all she’s got. Having accidentally seen Nao doing terrible things to Haruka on more than one occasion doesn’t help matters.

His sister she may be, but Haruka isn’t going to let Sora decide who he’s allowed to be with; she just has to get used to the fact that he loves Nao and is going to be with her. But despite multiple attempts to bribe her with food, it’s clear that Sora isn’t going to accept this easily. She sees it as brother theft, plain and simple.

So Nao is the wedge between Sora and Haruka. We’ll see if Haruka and Nao gain any ground on the issue or if Sora will force Nao away for good. I’ll close this review with the observation that the skies in this series – and this episode in particular – were epically gorgeous. But I guess that’s to be expected when sora is in the title…Rating: 3.5