The World God Only Knows 6

After needing only four episodes to conquer the first two women, Kanon the idol is proving a tough nut to crack. Keima and Elcea closely observe Kanon to try to figure out what’s eating her, and it doesn’t take long to find out: despite living the dream, she is lonely and deathly afraid that somebody out there isn’t watching or listening as she performs. She has no friends, and despite the fact Keima barely utters a word to her, he’s the closest she has to one.

As per usual, Keima is slowly warming up to his target, which isn’t surprising, as Kanon is extremely cute – kind of a pink-haired Ranka Lee. And after being summoned hundreds of times to help her through various problems, when she finally just shows up without a problem in hand – simply wanting to see him – he is flattered. You have to sympathize with Keima – every time he gets a real girlfriend, she forgets about him. Sucks.

At any rate, this conquest isn’t over yet: Kanon pulls a Milhouse-as-Fallout Boy and flies the coup before her first solo concert in front of 10,000. But Keima is confident he can “see the ending.” We won’t know what that is until next week, but I’m definitely anxious to find out how he’ll ultimately win the heart of this deeply troubled girl. Rating: 3.5

Kuragehime 3

This week we learn more about Kuranosuke’s family, and that the reason he cross-dresses is so that he will never be asked to enter political life, like his brother, father, and uncle, who are all politicians with serious suits and looks on their faces (though oddly, he can get a significant rise out of his uncle when he dresses extra-fabulous.) I have to say, as far as cross-dressing characters go, Kuranosuke’s not bad at all.

Part of his social life is helping girls become beautiful, but since meeting Tsukimi, he can’t be bothered with ordinary girls, and rejects their invitations. He wants a project. Like me, he’s sick of Tsukimi looking like crap and gives her the full-nine-yard makeover with the speed and accuracy of a seasoned pro.  And, not surprisingly, once she’s cleaned up and wearing female clothes, Tsukimi is indeed quite the cutie. All it takes is a passing glance of her for Kuranosuke’s bro to become smitten.

This is another case of Tsukimi letting the need for acceptance by her nunnery-mates supersede her own self-interest – she lacks self-esteem and self-confidence, and her friends are too busy in their own worlds to notice. Kuranosuke is the best thing that ever happened for her, but it won’t be easy to build her back up into a socially functional girl again.

An aside: I liked the little Japanese economic history lesson used as an explanation for why there’s no shame in receiving the bulk of their income from their boomer parents, who prospered in the bubble economy…after all, one can’t be a full-fledged otaku if one has a job. Rating: 3.5

Hyakka Ryouran 6

For a series that thus far has had no problem tearing women’s clothes off at every possible opportunity (albeit with strategically-placed ink blotches), a beach episode seemed redundant, but as soon as I heard ‘vacation home’, I knew full well what was coming. Also, I believe the “girl with too much luggage” trope was played out around 1860…

Fortunately, it seems that for the time being Muneakira will only have to deal with two women vying for his love – Sen and Yukimura – which simplifies things on the love polygon front. I’m not sure what the significance of his choice (if he ever makes one) will be. What we do know is, Sen’s brother is bad. So bad, he’d even throw Kanetsugu under the buss if she fails in her reconnaissance mission. Kanetsugu releases a shikigami he gave her that immediately turns on her and swallows her.

Fueled by compassion rather than rage, Sen and Yukimura have to stop squabbling and work together to defeat the monster, with crucial help from Jubei, who I thought was too dangerous to revive, but apparently she’s become less wild and more amenable. This is a decent battle that saved the episode from total mediocrity. Since they saved her life, I assume Kanetsugu will join Muneakira & Co., despite having consistently deemed him a perverted scoundrel. Rating: 2.5