Nurarihyon no Mago 20

Inugami gets a little back-story, albeit a bit late into his little rampage. He apparently tried to mingle with humans, but everyone despised him as a freak (well, he does have a freakishly long tongue that’s always sticking out…) He then met Tamazuki, who taught him that humans can either dispise you or fear you. Humans are something to rule over, not coexist with – basically the opposite of Nura Rikuo’s philosophy.

The battle with Inugami is fairly predictable; as soon as the sun goes down, Night Rikuo carves him up until Tamazuki shows up to rescue him and then retreat himself with the threat that next time they’ll meet, he’ll take Rikuo’s “fear” and life. The pacing kinda sucked in this episode, as not only are the girls running through the school seemingly for hours, but the sun decides to set extremely quickly before Day Rikuo is crushed in Inugami’s paw.

Meanwhile, time seems to have stopped in the projector room, as Kiyojuji and Shima seemingly spend hours changing a light bulb. Just very odd and uneven pacing. Super Inugami had gobs of daylight to kill off all the humans and day Rikuo along with them, but he spent too long reminiscing and expressing his hatred in no uncertain terms, and generally wasting all of that time. That’s what we call dumb enemies. And dumb enemies are rarely interesting. Rating: 2.5

Kuragehime 5

Shit just got real: Amamizu-kan, the apartment building where the girls live, is up for demolition and redevelopment. They brave the harsh fluorescent lights and judgmental stares of career men and women in suits and such for the “local explanatory presentation.” Shuu shows up too, to test the waters and see if the administration should side with the developers or the opposition. But even though an extremely lovesick Tsukini sits right next to him, he doesn’t even notice her.

Instead, Shuu gets ensnared by the developers’ rep, a hottie who knows his type, and just how many buttons to undo to get his attention. Tsukini sees them sharing an umbrella and believes all to be lost. In fact, all of the nuns return to Amamizu-kan having failed totally. Kuronosuke decides to take it upon himself to give every one of them makeovers, starting with Mayaya (Nicole Richie style…priceless) and Banba (Er…Annie?) Donning this cosmetic “armor”, they’ll be able to properly battle the developers. Rating: 3.5