Otome Youkai Zakuro 5

Honzoki and Bonbori finally get to fight on their own. Well, Bonbori fights, while Honzoki protects Ganryu, who is now more mindful than ever that compared to his twin companions, he’s pretty weak and helpless. I declare the three of them now far less annoying as a result of, you know, showing emotion and doing stuff. And I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of that battle song, it’s got such a nice haunting beauty to it.

It’s kind of glossed over, but Lieutenant Hanadate, whom Zakuro has a crush on, kinda ditches her for a cougar who turns out to be a Black Widow. It’s this instance, when Zakuro finds herself alone and cornered by two uncouth officers, when Agemaki comes to her rescue, which she greatly appreciates. Agemaki doesn’t even flinch at her creepy bunny sidekick anymore; he’s definitely growing

The pale “weirdos” make brief appearances (are they Sith?) but we don’t really know what they’re all about yet. Another nice touch: the Black Widow actually doesn’t reveal any information when Ganryu demands it. She only hints at knowing something about Zakuro’s mother, but vanishes before they can get anything else out of her. This was nice because I hate it when villains just spill the beans – the good guys have to work to solve the mystery here! Rating: 3.5

Yosuga no Sora 5

This series takes a complete U-turn back to when Haru finds out that Kazu and Akira are related, and then Haru ends up with Akira instead. I like this in the same way I like Amagami’s way of handling romance with multiple love interests: manipulation of the timeline. It’s more interesting than for both to be in love with the guy at once, because that competition is always taking up time better spent developing one relationship at time. I’m not saying love triangles (or polygons) don’t work,it’s just that they’ve been overused in this medium, and its nice when shows try other things.

Something triggers Haru’s memory of Akira; how they were close years ago, and how much he cared about her. Things then advance with dizzying speed, all the way to making love in the bath, a scene that was tastefully handled (unlike this series’s awful epilogues). It doesn’t come off as random or rushed, because they already loved each other; Haru simply repressed memories (something caused that, we’ll see if it’s ever revealed), and Akira was obviously just waiting for him to remember her. They just acted on it when the opportunity arose.  Rating: 3.5