Classroom of the Elite – 11

Prior to watching this episode, only one persistent wish occupied my mind: Get off the damn island. Just get off. It’s been a convoluted mess and I’m honestly having trouble caring anymore. The primary reason I watch anime is to be entertained, and the island arc just ain’t getting the job done. It’s a slog.

Alas, we do not leave the island, as time only transitions from Day 5 to Day 6, with the girls and boys of class D continuing to bicker amongst themselves, a storm coming, and the hidden fact that their leader Horikita has been ill since leaving the boat.

Way too much time is spent on the secondary and tertiary classmates yelling at each other. I already get that there’s discord, the episode just repeats itself. Furthermore, there’s absolutely no reason for Yamauchi to put a clump of mud on Horikita’s head, except perhaps to serve the plot, as Horikita must exert herself by throwing him.

More importantly by having mud randomly dropped on her head, she has to wash it off, which means stripping down to her skivvies…which means temporarily not having her key card on her person. Her one primary job as leader is to hold on to that card, but she failed, and only informs Ayanokouji.

Their talk is interrupted by a fire at the camp, which sets off another round of argument. Hirata kinda loses it once it starts to pour, and then orders the others to do useless things like cover the already-wet firewood and collect the already-soaked clothes.

Completely independent of the events on the island, we keep making small check-ins on Ayano’s past as some kind of organization-raised “special” kid, the last one remaining among of a large group of potentials, for which he seems to be placed behind bars.

I honestly couldn’t tell how these little glimpses of Ayano’s past are trying to relate to the events of the present…unless, perhaps, Ayanokouji means to betray Horikita, and is the one who told Ibuki to steal the key card. It could also be an elaborate plan to make their rivals think chaos reigns in Class D, and “betraying” Horikita is part of that. Still, Ibuki doesn’t hold back on beating her up.

That person remains a mystery for now, but the reveal that Ibuki is the one causing all the mayhem feels a bit…obvious, even though the episode tried to keep its cards close. Ayano must’ve found something buried in the spot where he found her, and we don’t know that either.

I have no idea if we’ll get another cour of CotE, but if not, it’s been an interminable, disappointing, seemingly aimless final arc, in which everyone has become progressively dumber, except perhaps Ayano, whose true intentions remain stubbornly opaque. It will take one hell of a finale to bring all the disparate pieces together and deliver some satisfying answers.

Author: sesameacrylic

Zane Kalish is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

8 thoughts on “Classroom of the Elite – 11”

  1. Yeah the Island arc has been pretty MEH overall. It’s pretty disappointing considering the previous arcs were pretty good. Just to be sure, Ibuki didn’t start the fire did she? Also what, did she really do the panty thief thing? Man I’m losing track of what’s going on lol.

    1. I don’t have a 100% handle on the situation either, but I’m hoping the finale clarifies things.

  2. A thought just struck as I was preparing my breakfast after reading your review and trying to make sense of what is actually going on with this whole island scenario. What if Ayanokoji is not a good guy at all? What if all the things that have been happening are his doing? What if his whole purpose being at the school is to do harm to someone? It’s natural to think of a main character as a good person and this show has loved to deflect our gaze and obscure it’s purposes, so it’s possible… Conversely maybe he is there to protect someone from someone else? All of the reveals of Anyanokoji’s past, plus his conversation with Sensei up on the roof are starting to lead me to think that old A-Kun is not at school to get an education… I will say that, whatever comes next in the last episode, I will pay tribute to Classroom of The Elite for motivating me to spend time thinking about where it’s plot is going… Not that many animes I watch succeed in doing that.

      1. He could be evil, or good, or even neutral. We don’t have enough info to tell. Which is my primary beef with this show – too murky a plot. They aren’t playing fair with the viewers.

        Anyway, next week should tell us a lot. The island arc has had a confession episode, a bathroom episode, a panties episode and a shower scene episode – what’s left?

  3. The main problem I have with this anime is…. not the the anime itself but the viewers who set the bar too high for this anime. You also missed quite a lot important plot points but whatever. Also I suggest you rewatch the conversation Ayano had with the teacher at the beginning of this arc.

    (P.s: you’re way too nitpicking with this anime review compared to your review on other anime episodes.)

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