Durarara!! x2 Shou – 03


Drrr!!x2 continues its free-wheeling pulp-fiction-style non-linear storytelling. This week we get more pieces of the puzzle started in the first two, and the image we start to see is that while Ikebukuro is full of misfits of one sort or another, there is a class of misfit above the rest with supernatural powers that finds it particularly hard to exist in the normal world. But while that world isn’t easy, it isn’t unforgiving.


The “Zombie” Shizuo duels (and defeats) is Hollywood, the serial killer who has been tearing people apart. Shizuo’s brother Kasuka learns that Hollywood is really idol, actress, and master makeup artist Hijiribe Ruri. He takes her to his place and has Shinra come by to patch her up, and they learn she has healing powers on par with Shizuo and Celty. In other words, another ‘S-class misfit’.

Kasuka may not have super-strength, but he’s on their same level; he wields a tremendous amount of power, but through his charisma, not his muscles. Ruri wields through both, but at different ends of her personality. He can relate to Ruri’s feeling like she’s on the wrong planet. And as much as growing up with Mitsuo stunted Kasuka’s ability to express his emotions, he still has them, and gathers insight from his acting roles to make sense of them.


In this regard, he saved Ruri despite knowing what she is, because she was a damsel in distress, and anyone who’d ignore or forsake her isn’t a man. This is obviously quite hubristic, as Ruri could have easily killed him at any time, but Kasuka put her life before his own. Her alias may be Hollywood, but he’s the one following the classic script of the dashing knight in shining armor, albeit an expressionless one.


Kasuka arranges to have Celty deliver Ruri back to her place safe and sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose Celty specifically so Ruri can see how another S-Class misfit survives and thrives in the modern, mundane world where absolutes aren’t allowed and nothing is sacred. Celty’s kindness inspires Ruri to rethink her plight in life. Yes, she’s a monster, but that’s nothing to apologize for, as it’s nothing she can change, and monsters can enjoy life too.


That’s just Kasuka and Ruri’s part in this episode. We get a better idea of the timeline of events because Shinra is involved in many of them (he had a long and busy night!). He’s ripped away from Ruri to fix up the guy the twins found and brought to Russia Sushi, chats about Ruri with his dad, who wanted her as a test subject, and is swarmed on the way home by tabloid reporters who saw him exit Kasuka’s house.


The next morning, Saburou and Mairu are beside themselves at the news their respective true loves ended up with each other instead of them. There’s no solace for Saburou save Kyouhei’s insistence he’s more wholesome than the bickering, twisted Erika and Walker, but Kururi calms Mairu down with a long kiss.


Their PDA gets the attention of a particularly ridiculous-looking gang of thugs who surround them menacingly, but Kyouhei & Co. pass by just in time to shoo them off, and the twins show they can handle themselves against small fry if they have to. Ikebukuro may be crawling with potential trouble, but there’s also a potential ally around every corner. Forget six degrees of separation; most of the cast are only one or two away.


While not quite on the same existential level as our S-Classes, Mairu and Kururi are still misfits in this city, with ideas and attitudes that may clash with the conventions of the world they live in. But like Celty staying one step ahead of the bounty hunters, Mitsuo punishing petty thieves, or Kasuka and Ruri staying one step ahead of the tabloids, if the world doesn’t have a place for you, you make one.

I wonder what kind of misfit Aoba is. Another student and manipulator of humanity, and Izaya’s successor? Or something else? Let the tour of Ikebukuro begin.


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Hannah Brave is a staff writer for RABUJOI.

3 thoughts on “Durarara!! x2 Shou – 03”

  1. I love how connected all of the various characters in Durarara are. It really gives this anime a unique sense of charm and liveliness. There’s so much going on at once!

  2. Hopefully this episode fixed the problems you guys were having with last episode seeing as it expanded on the story and answered a lot of questions like Shinra’s and Shingen’s role in the overall picture. I love how Durarara has such a large cast of interesting characters yet can always seem to get viewers interested in even more. The twins last episode and Ruri feel fresh and like they have their own niche within the story of Ikebukuro. They have only been around within 2 episodes but they seem to have integrated themselves nicely within the cast.

    On a side note, I can now say I’m enjoying Durarara in full swing now that I have seen Simon. I love how he’s a friendly guy with a cheezy fake accent yet is probably the only guy who can take on Shizuo.

  3. Looks like this season of durarara is fully taking form. I really want to see them explore this idea of ikebukuro being this place where supernatural beings shunned from the world can thrive and live “normal” lives. While i thought the last ep was pretty good, i feel like it dropped the ball on what makes durarara so charming: the seamless juggling of multiple narratives without the need for characters to tell you that things are disjointed. i disliked the use of breaking the fourth wall to clue the audience in on what was going on (give your viewers more credit). But yea, things are actually happening in this season of durarara, giving it a certain momentum that the other season’s beginning eps did not happen (and the best part is that it hasnt forsaken character focus either). The icing on the cake is the pulp fiction-like feel this anime has along with it’s eclectic cast of zany characters that you dont see in other shows. if durarara can keep up a good sense of pacing and allow its characters to be truly 3-dimensional, shou will be a much justified addition to the durarara continuity.

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