Love Lab – 02


Riko tracks down the shy Tanahashi Suzune and finds out that she doesn’t hate her or Maki; she was just embarrassed to see them acting so differently than they do in public. Suzune apologizes to Riko and Maki, and they have a “Princess Carry” lesson. Riko and Maki receive harassing paper airplanes from the former president and treasurer, Enomoto Yuiko and Mizushima Sayori. Eno wants her position back, and Sayo wants to handle cash again, so she snoops around the room and very subtly “declares war” on them.

This week we’re introduced to the balance of Love Lab’s quintet. Suzune, the high-pitched, super-shy girl, and Eno, the eyebrow-endowed former president, wasn’t that exciting as characters go. The tall, money-obsessed, deep-plotting Sayo was more interesting. She sneaks into the Love Lab without being noticed, catching Riko, Maki, and Suzuno off guard, and as vindictive high school girls are wont to do, she declares war with a friendly smile and a wave, announcing her intention to ruin their reputations. We also like how she looks down on her boss, though calling Eno a “perv” probably goes too far.

Another running theme this week was Maki and Suzune’s belief that Riko is highly experienced in charming young men. She isn’t, but just isn’t able to come clean this week, or perhaps ever, so enraptured are her two “proteges.” Meanwhile, we actually feel kind of bad for Maki; here she was, the vice-president, just trying to do her job as quickly as possible, driving Eno and Sayo away. Now they want to come back for some reason, even though they’re not needed, and they’re willing to destroy Maki to do so. Hopefully the war is a brief one and Riko can hammer out some kind of mutually beneficial arrangement.

Rating: 6 (Good)