Classroom of the Elite – 10

How could a show that started out so fresh, slick, clever, and cerebral feel so stale, dull, dumb now? The first mistake seemed to be taking the classes out of the proverbial classroom and onto an island…then proceeding to do basically nothing for five days.

Horikita conducts recon of Classes A and B, both times having unpleasant encounters with their respective leaders, both of whom are drawn as if they were in their thirties. Fine, I’ll forgive the disappointingly goofy character design—this is Lerche, after all—but I won’t forgive the obvious holes in logic that keep creeping up this week, even if the sexism subsides.

Remember how I said Horikita came into contact with the leaders of Classes A and B? Isn’t there a 50-S-Point bonus to anyone who correctly guesses the leader of another class—an a 50-point  deduction from the leader correctly ID’d? Am I missing something here? Katsuragi and Ryuuen aren’t exactly being subtle in their leaderliness—nor is Horikita herself.

Days 2 thru 4 breeze by without any incident…or any meaningful developments whatsoever, aside from more of Sakura flirting with Ayanokouji (who has never been portrayed as anything other than an unromantic, assexual character, making her flirtation seem like a futile waste of time), a mysterious scene in which a mystery student of unknown gender steals a girl’s bag from the tent, and Sudou suspecting Class C exile Ibuki of some kind of treachery.

I suppose I should look to the episode’s title for guidance, a Kierkegaard quote: “Every man has in himself the most dangerous traitor of all.” I’m no philosophy major, but off the top of my head, this seems to have dual meaning: everyone has the potential for treachery, but no other person is capable of betraying you more than you can betray yourself.

It could also just mean there’s a traitor in Class D’s midst, which Sudo believes is Ibuki, so I gravitated to her as well. Then, on the morning of Day 5, the girls are united in their outrage that Karuizawa’s underwear was stolen in the night. The rest of the episode deals with the investigation of this panty heist. See what I said about feeling a bit dumb and rote?

Despite that feeling, things to sharpen up a bit when Ike finds the panties in his bag. Clearly they were planted there, but by whom? What the heck would Ibuki have to gain by sowing discord, when her own Class spent all their points and headed back to the boat to party?

By the way, I’m happy Class C’s strategy was not immediately dismissed as the wrong one; none of the remaining classes are guaranteed to earn enough points to make all the trouble they’ve been through worth it. It’s almost as if the show is saying “yes, this whole island survival premise is indeed dumb, but only Class C and Koenji decided to reject it.”

Ike gives the panties to Ayano, and Hirata finds them when giving the boys pat-downs at the girls’ demand. But Hirata doesn’t turn in Ayano, because he understands the distinction of Ayano having the panties and Ayano stealing them.

Hirata takes the panties from Ayano, supposedly to protect his classmate, as Karuizawa’s boyfriend is the one the girls suspect the least to have them, but despite the fact it’s (I’m assuming) to prevent further discord from compromising the class, Hirata is betraying himself here, by lying.

And the fact he’s able to be dishonest here makes me start to think that maybe his whole upstanding, “Everybody Loves Hirata” act is merely cover for…more sinister designs.

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9 thoughts on “Classroom of the Elite – 10”

  1. I was so bored I started running the numbers.

    The plot is finally beginning to shape up. It’s kind of a politics of warring states arc: Class A&C versus B&D, though B is the real target for A and C.

    Pre Warring States Rankings:
    A: 1004
    B: 663
    C: 492
    C: 87

    Ryuenji has put spies into B and D, so he can gain 100 points by naming their each of their leaders.

    Betrayal Games Rankings #I:
    A: 1004
    B: 613
    C: 592
    C: 37

    That still leaves Class C behind Class B, their real opponent (Class A has too big a lead right now and Class D has so few points as to be simply not a threat). If R wants to overtake Class B he needs more points, thus the temporary alliance with A. He’ll give them his spies information, and they in turn will subtract 50 points each from B (and D). That makes Class C the new Class B.

    Betrayal Games Rankings #2:
    A: 1104
    B: 563
    C 592
    C: 0. … disgusting vegetarian plate meals, oh the humanity!

    What does Class A get out of it? They remain Class A, and even gain a further 75 points distance from the new Class B (assuming R doesn’t betray them and name their leader).

    Internally to Class A Lieutenant Baldy shows that he and his faction can gain more points in a week than Captain Cane Girl has done all year.


    Whats that you say, Class C has left the island and is out of the game? I wonder. The two spies are still members of C Class, and they could simply vote one of themselves as the new leader. In addition that was an very big and probably expensive curtain over Class A’s cave that they were willing to resort to violence to prevent entry past – members of Class C could certainly be hiding in there. Or even just R.


    So what is Class D’s play?

    Let us assume that Class B and Class D figure all of this out, ally, and secretly change their own leaders so as not to be penalized, and can correctly guess the leaders of A and C.

    Alternate Betrayal Games Rankings #1:
    A: 994
    B: 773
    C: 372 …. assuming that this class has no points to lose.
    D: 187 … yay!

    This is nice for Class B, they’ve closed that gap between them and Class A by 150 points.

    Simply reversing the play hasn’t helped Class D all that much. They gain 50 points each from Classes A and C for a total of 100, which brings them to 187 and closes the gap between them and Class C by 100 as well.

    Class C has no points to lose, so they remain where they were.

    Class D still has whatever points they have saved thus far, say 120, which brings them up to 307 (when they get back to the real world): still not enough to overtake Class C.

    Alternate Betrayal Games Rankings #2:
    A: 994
    B: 773
    C: 372 …. assuming that this class has no points to lose.
    D: 307 … pudding for desert when we get back!

    This is bad, they need 66 points to become the new Class C or else the show will get canceled and Sakura Quest will take it’s place as the slowest paced anime of the year. What to do? What to do?

  2. I was puzzled by this episode, most of which could have been condensed into the previous episode or discarded completely. Something is going on but a clear denouement is not apparent. I find the whole island thing a bit pointless. Well lets see where it goes next.
    PS: Anyone who knocks Sakura Quest is a bum :)

    1. Plus there is only one episode to go – its going to be a huge episode or they are hoping for a second series.

  3. Hey,I like SQ. No argument that it’s better written and plotted. Even takes a chance now and then.

    Then I watch Aho-Girl so my blood doesn’t congeal in my veins.

      1. Oops… Math was never my strongpoint – I thought we were up to episode 11 of Classroom!
        …Yeah “biomechanical exoskeleton with wood carvings…that was one of those moments… SQ settled down after that and worked its way back to gentle but slightly quirky observational humour with lots of character development – which was its bread and butter. It was okay I thought.

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