Golden Time – 01


First-year College student Tada Banri, new to Tokyo, gets lost and misses his entrance ceremony, but ends up meeting one of his classmates, Yanagisawa Mitsuo. While walking to class, a gorgeous woman hops out of a cab and beats Mitsuo with a bunch of roses. She introduces herself as Kaga Kouko, Mitsuo’s very controlling and clingy childhood friend and self-proclaimed future wife. Tada ends up making several friends on his first day, including Oka Chinami and Hayashida Nana, and feels good about his new life.

A fresh start full of potential and glimmering like gold: this is what Tada Banri seeks, after an only partially-disclosed past that was less promising (involving a motorbike accident, it would seem). He’s happy with his new home, and excited for all the opportunities that present themselves on just his first day. In a season brimming with high schools, the college setting is a breath of fresh air. These people haven’t yet fully stepped into the world of adulthood (like the three newbies in SxS), but they’re on their way, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Tada also wants to fall in love, and he believes the current conditions to be ideal for that purpose, even as he finds himself lodged between the formidable duo of Mitsuo and Kouko. Mitsuo is over-the-top in his criticism of her, and she’s just as over-the-top in her persistent badgering. We don’t know the whole story behind these two, but the dynamic of Kouko and the two guys – one of whom is a lot more tolerant of her – should prove entertaining. The episode was also suffused with a buoyant, cheerful energy and the other two girls quickly introduced show promise.

Rating:7 (Very Good)