Stella no Mahou – 01 (It’s Garbage)


The Gist: Honda Tamaki-chan is a hick from the sticks with her ghost and/or robot grandma. She’s starting her high school life at a private all girls high school, which means this is a club-activity-anime. The club she eventually picks is the Doujin Games club, which is comprised of three second years who are *quirky™…in a fairly generic way.

Stella no Mahou presents a special kind of hell. At the 22 minute mark, following barely 4 actual scenes of story, Tamaki draws a picture and decides she’s finally found purpose in her life. Amazingly little happens in this anime, including a 10 minute scene dedicated to introducing 3 club members in a largely static room shot with plodding dialog and cliches.


The Verdict: SnM doesn’t pander, it dose not insult, it isn’t hard to understand, it isn’t hideous… it isn’t noteworthy good or bad in any meaningful way beyond the utter boredom it produces.

The only favorable note I made why watching was “her work desk is nice, I guess” (but she owns an ancient ###tty PC). I am also not sure if her grandmother is a Robot or a Ghost because no one else sees her and, baring one scene where Tomato-chan gets encouragement to do… whatever… she only exists in flash backs, where she’s still generically encouraging her grand daughter.

There is no reason to watch this anime.