Flip Flappers – 13 (FIN)


The Gist: Flip Flappers’ bloated smoldering corps belches its last into the new year. The power of love between Cocona and Papika and Papika and Mimi eventually defeats Evil Mimi. Salt shoots his alternate self in the face to hold onto his memory of being a screw up. Yayaka x Oxkull (yay?) and the Amorphus children and Salt’s Staff …hang around

In the end, we get a fake-out sad ending, where Cocona is trapped in a gray world without access to Pure Illusion, where Papika is trapped. Except Cocona is the one trapped and Papika rescues her without fan fair shortly afterwards.

Then they fly off into the sky with some giant butterflies, happily ever after.


The Verdict: by the end, no amount of pretty animation and cheerful Papika quirk could save FliFla from a common trap of a generic villain that infinite power but is undone by the power of love. It’s shallow, under developed, and far less interesting than the world hinted at half a season ago.

Over all, I’m torn over my considerable enjoyment of the early and mid season verse the feeling of utter pointlessness having watched it all the way through. I’m not sure knowing how this mystery turned out was really worth it?


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