Amnesia – 07


The heroine appears in another world, in which she is dating Kent, who accompanies her to the temple festival and thanks her for encouraging him to open up more. When he determines her memories are missing, Orion appears, and Kent asks to talk to him through the heroine. After learning that the heroine is shifting between alternate worlds, Kent considers whether the heroine he knew is gone. The heroine promises she’ll see him tomorrow, but in the middle of an intersection, she shifts again, now accompanied by Toma.

As demonstrated by his status as a grad student in math, a lover of math games, and initial ineptness at male-female communication, Kent is a bit of a nerd. On the other hand, judging by the height of his head he’s either built like a fashion illustration or he’s, like, eight feet tall. Character distortion aside, it’s clear Kent is trying. Plus, there’s no fan club after him, and he not only believes that Orion is real, he even agrees to communicate with him (Orion’s a him, apparently) through the heroine. His obsession with belts is a bit of a concern, but otherwise, he’s decent boyfriend material. Going with the flow as always, even when it leads to her secret being revealed to the guy she’s currently dating, it seems the heroine could be content staying here.

So of course, when she wants to stay, she ends up shifting somewhere else, where she’s doubtless involved with Toma. We share her exasperation; just when a little progress was being made, she’s back to square one again. But that’s the way these things usually go: progress is treacle-slow, involving intense patience from all parties involved. By episode’s end, we were thinking for the first time not just about the heroine, but also about how these guys feel when their version of the girlfriend suddenly changes into the character we’re following. Does their heroine return to normal when she shifts out of their worlds?

Rating: 7 (Very Good)