Ao no Exorcist 10

Yes, this episode was kinda cutesy, but it was also very informative, very entertaining, and very elegant. None of the rest of the class of esquires even makes a cameo this week; it’s for all intents and purposes just Rin and Yukio. And their memories. And a Cat Sith. That alone is enough to win me over. But this also had excellent sibling banter. And diagram of exorcist ranks: Rin’s at the bottom; Yukio near the middle, and their Pops was The Paladin; the top dog. And a drawer full of spare glasses? I didn’t see that coming. It was fantastic.

In the middle of that brotherly verbal sparring was some actual good points from Yukio: Rin is cocky and wants to carry out more real missions, but he’s depending way too much on his greatest strength – his power – which is also his greateast weakness – because it’s satanic power. Yukio tells Rin to use his head once in a while, rather than just screaming a lot then rushing in with his sword. Keep that up long enough, and the devil will have him in his grip. Of course, Mephisto would be just fine with that; Rin is still unaware he’s a guinea pig.

Back to the kitty – it was a great way to look back on the dearly departed Reverant Fujimoto, and exactly how badass he really was. Being able to tame a demon who has been forgotten and had its home destroyed is no easy task. But then neither is taming that creature when his human companion passes…but Rin surprises everyone by doing just that and inhereting his dad’s familiar. Being able to hear the cat’s thoughts definitely helps when you’re trying to tame one. Rating: 3.5