Psychic Detective Yakumo 12

My deductive skills aren’t that good – perhaps due to inexperience. So on more than one occasion with Yakumo, I’ve come away with the wrong conclusions. I assumed Miyuki Nanase stabbed Isshin, under orders from Yakumo’s father, but it turns out the culprit was the attending physician. He did this because he’s the father of the girl who has six months to live without a transplant. Isshin is an organ donor and perfect match, and so the doctor is the one who stabs him.

Since I’m not yet a father, I cannot say how strong the drive to save my child’s life would be under these circumstances. Would a distinguished physician really throw all of his morals out the window and kill someone to save his child’s life? This one did. His even car hit Yakumo’s on his way back to the hospital. Yakumo’s dad was still involved: he presented the opportunity to the doctor (some would say he egged him on).

In any case, Yakumo is not happy about what has transpired. He hates his father more than ever; and is teetering on that same fence Luke Skywalker was one while his dad and Palpatine were constantly trying to make him give in to anger and hate. Now that there are so many people associated with Yakumo, it would seem there are many opportunities for him to knock him off that fence and into darkness. After all, all of his friends and family came up to the hospital roof and are sitting ducks for Miyuki Nanase. We don’t yet know who she’s aiming at, but no matter who it is, it won’t be good. Rating: 3.5

Amagami SS 25 and Wrap-up

Well, that was certainly an interesting way to end the series. It introduced one last girl; the girl who ties all the others together, even the first one who broke Tachibana’s heart. The Meddler; Kamizaki Risa. Risa is all up in Tachibana’s business. You could call her a stalker, really. She fell in love with him in elementary school when he always drank her milk (something he somehow doesn’t remember) and remained in love ever since. Any time it looks like he’s getting close to a girl, she’s intervened to stop it, convinced she’s the only girl for him.

With this final episode, my “alternate timelines” theory would seem to be debunked, but on the other hand, I see this as just yet another alternate timeline: one in which Tachibana actually got involved with all of the girls in the same timeline, but each time he gets too close, Risa tells them he already has a girlfriend, and shows them a doctored photo. While it’s highly dubious they’d all buy this, the fact is, they do, and those relationships never take off, leaving Risa to go in for the kill.

Yet even she realizes what an awful meddling person she’s been, and tells Tachibana she doesn’t deserve to date him. Tachibana doesn’t take this well. He’s willing to forgive her and suggests she apologize to all the girls she hurt. Once all is forgiven (Japanese are a forgiving people), Risa and Tachibana are free to date openly…and fin. While very dialogue heavy, this was nonetheless a very quick, efficient, and clever ending to a decent romantic series. I still liked the Tsukasa Ayatsuji arc best, though. Rating: 3.5

Panty & Stocking 13

Last week Panty found herself in quite a bind, but after leaving Daten City and living on a farm for a spell, she returns, re-loses her virginity, regains her power, and with the surprise return of Stocking, defeats Corset and the Demon twins. Everything wrapped up in a neat little bow…right?

Well, no, actually. Yet another fall series pulls a fast one on me with a last-second twist that won’t be resolved until next season, a next season I didn’t know was coming. And Stocking is really a demon…huh?! I really should have known, and I certainly won’t take the episode counts at face value in future. Panty & Stocking is transformed into…Brief & Chuck. Do I have the energy to watch another season of this ludicrousness? Is it worth it?

I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that this pseudo-finale was an excellent one, where was hardly a single frame that stood still. Epically manic animation is the order of the day, including the outright-bizarre use of live-action panties and stockings and several death-explosions (though both times Garter died, he was resurrected, in keeping with his life story a couple weeks back). I also know that when the second season comes along, I’ll definitely give it a look. I can’t be satisfied with things as they are. Rating: 3.5

Series Mean Ranking: 3.692 (Ranked 2nd out of 15 Fall 2010 Series)

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