Star Driver 10

I was cautiously optimistic when I saw baseball (though I do love baseball) in the preview for this episode last week, but I had no reason to be cautious, as Star Driver turned in yet another excellent episode with enjoyable lighter moments and an epic finishing duel. The game was a great opportunity to fuel the rivalry between Crux and non-Crux in the real world, as well as augment Takuto’s status as a pretty-boy in and out of zero time.

The focus of this episode wasn’t baseball though, but on Marino, after Mizuno met Takuto. Marino doesn’t seem to like him at first, but her very perceptive twin sister points out that they always like the same things. Mizuno was talking about Haagen-Dazs, but Takuto counts too, it would seem. This is bolstered when she witnesses Takuto defeat Sword Star: Takuto takes Mizuno’s seemingly innocuous “It’ll be okay” spell seriously, like she did. And it works, as Tauburn unleashes bit-like drones that neutralize the opponents projectiles and open him up for a cross-slash.

The You twins have been really superbly introduced in just two episodes; the dynamic of one twin being a Crux member and the other being a maiden is a really interesting one, especially when Mizuno’s budding friendship with Takuto makes Wako sweat while Sugata feels a bit useless in Takuto’s shadow of magnificence. Meanwhile, I’m wondering if Takuto will ever lose…though I fully realize that that isn’t an option. Rating: 4

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