The World God Only Knows 11

The Shiomiya Shiori arc comes to a close with characteristic grace and whimsy. Between the soaringly gorgeous soundtrack and the ethereal lighting of the library, and the sheer fantastical aura to everything, I was reminded more than a few times of a Miyazaki film, most strongly Mimi wo Sumaseba, or Whisper of the Heart. That was about a far less-shy writer, not a librarian, but the parallels are there, aesthetically and thematically.

As usual, Keima arrives in the ideal place at the ideal time for his conquest, and has the ideal thing to say to her right when her heart is open the most. He achieves victory with almost surprising speed; and forgets about Shiori with equal speed. He truly has this down to a science by the fourth girl, and just as he harbors no emotional baggage from the hearts he wins in dating sims, nor does he feel anything residual about real-life conquests. Most of all, it’s about a really interesting character.

Of course,Keima wouldn’t have been able to even get in the library without Elcie’s help, which is why for once I give her a break (and also because I really love fire trucks too, damnit. I also prefer picture books to novels…). She’s at her best when she supports Keima with practical or technical tasks he wouldn’t otherwise be able to complete. I shall miss Hanazawa Kana’s voice (although she’s in plenty other shows still); her character had the best arc of this series thus far.  It was short and sweet, but also deep and heartfelt as all hell. Rating: 4

Nurarihyon no Mago 23

The battle for Ukiyoe town begins, as Tamazuki’s and Rikuo’s armies meet in the middle of a shopping district. Rikuo’s friends are also aware of the disturbance this is causing, particularly Yura, who races to the source. Not everything goes swimmingly, however: Gozumaru and Mezumaru are unable to infiltrate the enemy band and steal the Demon Lord’s Gavel.

But if it weren’t for his escort Yozuzume and that sword, this battle would be over. Rikuo clearly has more “fear”, as he’s not only able to make himself invisible to all of Tamazuki’s lesser yokai, but to him as well. I have an inkling how this goes, having seen a lot of Bleach in the past: while a couple tricks have kept him around the same level as Rikuo, Tamazuki will start running out of these (Yuki-onna negated Yozuzume, for starters), and become more desperate and reckless.

I imagine the power of the gavel will consume him, or his father and the old Nurarihyon will intervene. Otherwise, Tamazuki didn’t have a good showing here, and, save a few more shifts in momentum, we’ll be looking at his demise sooner rather than later. Rating: 3