Nurarihyon no Mago 25

All’s well that ends well for Rikuo, his night parade, and his human friends. Tamazuki is defeated once Rikuo embraces both his night and day selves, after the realization that the moon is always in the sky, regardless of the time. Kana also seems to convince Yura that while some yokai may have lost their human hearts, others like Rikuo haven’t, and fight to protect both humans an yokai.

Rikuo is about to deliver the killing blow to Tamazuki when gramps intervenes; he and Big Tanuki have finally arrived.  Tamazuki takes this chance to try to kill his father. Rikuo stops him, but spares his life. Tamazuki was a bit stupid-evil there, but he isn’t beyond reformation. The threat to the Nura clan has passed. Now it’s time to party!

Rikuo has certainly won over his interclan critics and doubters by defeating the Devil’s Hammer, but the tricky balance between his yokai and human lives remains, and he still seems reluctant to mix them too much. I’m a bit disappointed he never truly explained to Kana that Night Rikuo is really him. After all, he himself is the product of human-yokai pairing; what would be wrong with him taking Kana as his eventual wife? Rating: 3