Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 09


Juugo is eager to collect as much of Nanana’s Collection as possible in hopes it will help him find her killer; a mission that he left Matsuri to pursue. But when Yun is confronted by Hiiyo after a day of shopping, Tetsuno relays to Juugo his big sister Sansa’s request that he make sure Hiiyo doesn’t bother Yun ever again, and suddenly he has another mission.


As more and more comes to light about Hiiyo and his role in all but destroying the Adventure Club after founder Konjou Kasumi graduated—long story short, the guy is a dick—the more Juugo’s two present missions would seem to align. Hiiyo, one for manipulating and then discarding people to further his goals, sent Yun into the ruins hidden on the site of a mall.


He confronted her to debrief her (no, not like that), only to find she didn’t seem to know what he’s talking about. Tetsuno is in time to save her (and she then saves him with a lie about cops coming to spook Hiiyo, because though Tetsuno has a katana and Hiiyo is unarmed, he puts up more than a fight. Hiiyo’s skills were also on display when chased down Kagetora and gave him an ugly off-camera beating requiring body-wide bandages.


So yeah, don’t want to go after the guy half-cocked. Thing is, Tetsuno, Juugo, and Isshin all know a certain amount about him, so it isn’t until they unite in the club room to pool their intelligence. This is when Tensai reappears, and we learn what she’s been up to: she was hired to find Yun, but failed when Yun reappeared on her own. (Tensai is one proud detective). As Tetsuno says, kicking Hiiyo’s ass would be nice, but protecting Yun has to take priority.


Isshin opines that the best way to do that is to clear the mall ruins before Hiiyo can, so he’ll have no further business with her. But to do that, they need a hint about the ruins, which Juugo manages to get out of Nanana without telling her why (worried Hiiyo could show up again and find about about their plan through her). In exchange, Juugo promises her he’ll never use the treasure they find.


As Juugo lies in bed, in the glow of Nanana’s video games, he ponders why Nanana made him promise that, surmising that perhaps she doesn’t want him to find her killer; doesn’t want to “pass on”. When he rises to speak to her, she and the glow are suddenly, jarringly…gone. Whether this is just her sensing his concern and activating her Ghost Cloak, or something more permanent, is just something I’ll have to ponder until next week…with a little trepidation.


Stray Observations:

  • nana91Nanana’s dating game synching up to the reality of Juugo being caught between Yurika and Yukihime…I LOL’d.
  • I’ll admit I missed Tensai, even though she wasn’t gone that long, the fact that her absence wasn’t explained until she returned made it that much more conspicuous.
  • I assumed when Hiiyo “sacrificed” a fellow club member to clear a ruin, that member died, but turns out she was only seriously injured. I kinda wish the details of that sacrifice were a little less vague.
  • I also assumed he killed Kagetora, but he too survived. I guess Hiiyo isn’t quite as evil as I thought he was?
  • When Juugo assumes Nanana’s “one condition” is to get her that brown sugar pudding, and she pauses, and then says “two conditions”…I LOL’d again.


Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin – 08


Last week was all about Juugo making amends, but this week is all about expanding and elaborating upon his present milieu, and articulating the fact that many conflicts old and new stand between him and his personal mission to save Nanana-chan, including uncertainty over what saving her even entails. We also get more pieces of the histories of both the club and Room 202.


There’s sundry doin’s a-transpirin’: Tensai receives ¥3000 from a freshman and storms right out of the damn episode in an uncharacteristic snit. Tetsu and the pint-sized Yoshino-Saki, AKA Yun-chan, AKA Kate Hoshimiya’s cousin, enroll at Juugo’s school. Isshin admits to Yuu and Kagetora that he’s threatened by the brilliance of the new members, which he feels far outstrips his own.


Most importantly, there’s a stern new face in town to look down on him: Ikusaba Hiiyo, who looks to figure prominently in the three episodes to come (or more if this goes another cour, which I wouldn’t necessarily mind). He’s a tough-looking sonofabitch who professes to be allergic to compromise, an allergy he believes gives him the ultimate edge in getting what he wants in life, including Nanana’s collection.


Hiiyo also happened to be the former tenant of Room 202 prior to Juugo, and I kinda doubt he ever bought her pudding or played video games with her. Their relationship is summed up pretty succinctly when he pops by to have her appraise one of her treasures he found, then cuts her off and calls it worthless. One kindly ghost’s treasure is a cold-hearted bastard’s trash.


Shiki chases him off with her boss beer muscles, but I doubt he’s going away any time soon. He wears a big black duster and boots, talks with a gruff aloofness, has unkempt hair, and enjoys watching CGI horsie races. He’s got Archvillain written all over him, and I don’t think he’s interested in making Juugo’s—or anyone’s—job any easier.