Baby, Please Kill Me! – 12

Of Chocolate, Sleep, and Wounds – Yasuna explores the veracity of her theory that wearing bandages and poultices before getting injured will make her invulnerable (it does not), then tests Sonya’s bulletproof armor (and actually manages to hurt her with a free punch).

Sonya is very tired one day, to the point she falls asleep on the way home (but her reflexes still manage to harm a concernd Yasuna). Sonya drops a picture of her next target, and Yasuna tries to stop her (unsuccessfully). Finally,Yasuna considers whether Sonya would make a good chiropractor (she’d snap too many necks).

In all, Yasuna has really gotten to know Sonya and her various weaknesses, but still can’t help but fall victim to Sonya’s short temper. Being around Yasuna hasn’t lengthened her fuse. Still, depending on whom this show is targeted towards and when it airs, we wonder if students would decide to imitate Sonya by bringing small knives to school, organizing hits, or injuring classmates who bother them. We hope not!

Rating: 3

Baby, Please Kill Me! – 10

Of Santa, Icicles and Snowmen – a sudden snowfall means snowmen, snowbals, snow sushi, and snow diamonds. But when the next day comes around, Yasuna has a cold. She exacerbates her illness by being to lively and loud and by running around outside more. She then becomes interested in RC toys, but only has a controller, so pretends she is an automaton.

Finally, Sonya gets a note from whom she belives to be another assassin, but it’s just a surprise Christmas party arranged by Yasuna. Yasuna gets Sonya a Yasuna doll as a gift, but with nothing to give back, Sonya must re-gift it to her. The first full week of March seems like an odd time to air a winter and Christmas-themed episode, but it was genial enough.

Rating: 3