Haikyuu!! Third Season – 01


If you’ve watched Haikyuu!! before, you know what this opening episode has in store: side characters talking about the stress, strengths and weaknesses of everyone while the new opponent’s team is introduced, one by one. In 24 minutes, 1 serve is sent over the net and, as you would also expect, our hero’s lose the first point.

It’s a formula but it works, in large part due to its charming cast of goof balls.

But there’s no way I’m going to review it. Not when the lions share of a season will be dedicated to a single match of 5 sets — and it will go to 5 sets if the formula is to be believed. There simply is not enough for me to say.

Oh the screen capture of that huge arse camera? That was the most unexpected thing in the whole episode…


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