Nazo no Kanojo X – 05

Tsubaki learns that Urabe’s sweat also conjures images of her in his head; specifically of her in a swimsuit. She chalks it up to sweat being similar to seawater. When summer vacation arrives, he suggest they go to the beach for a day; she agrees. When they meet up at the station on the promised day, he finds her extremely tanned. He also learns why she’s wearing a skirt over her bikini bottoms: wearing scissors on the beach by her dad’s house gave her a scissors-shaped tanline.

Tsubaki seems to learn something new about Urabe every day he’s with her. He’s learning, for instance that sudden movements, especially those close to her, put her on edge. She also likes her yakisoba with lots of ginger and no meat, and mayo if she can get it. She’s also a fast swimmer with a great body, and isn’t above leaning on him if the circumstances are right. But even knowing all these new things about her, she remains, on the whole, the titular mysterious girlfriend. But there’s nothing wrong with that. When we saw the fanservice-heavy preview for this episode, we were expecting the first non-4 outing for Nazo no Kanojo X. However, we were plesantly surprised.

This episode maintained the quality of its predecessors, while moving Tsubaki and Urabe’s relationship further along by having them finally go on an honest-to-goodness date, which Urabe is happy to agree to, as she likes the ocean. Her sudden, extreme tanness was fittingly odd, while the scissor tanline (aside from being an awesome name for a band) was a priceless “reward of the week” for Tsubaki. Her genuine surprise at getting a nosebleed after tasting his saliva reinforces the fact she’s not yet fully cognizant of how her actions, gestures, and habits turn him on, which is nice, because it means she’s not intentionally messing with him. And we should also mention that nearly half of the episode wasn’t about the date at all, but Tsubaki’s anticipation – including a goofy grin that took over his face.

Rating: 9 (Superior)