Sket Dance – 45

In the first half, J-son comes requesting help for another omiai. The woman he meets with is instantly terrified by him, and his nervousness only exacerbates the situation. Communicating by earpiece, he mixes up the text messages and emails from Himeko and Bossun. Then more emails appear in Switch’s inbox, which J-son recites, making the woman flee in horror.

In the second half, Chuu’s notes have helped Remi stop flubbing the morning announcements. She tells him she’s going on a date, but when he says he is too, she gets jealous. On her date a middle schooler crosses paths with her, uncovering her date Tobishima’s plot to capture video of her upskirt. It turns out to be Chuu, who took a youth serum. His “date” was with his daughter, who recognizes Remi from TV and takes an instant liking to her.

One story this week was about a man for whom it is utterly impossible to ever have a relationship with a woman – save the gloomy Yuuki, that is. All of his potential suitors have fled in terror of his spooky looks, his yelling, and his general creepiness. There was simply no way the Sket-dan would be able to help him, especially not with an overly confusing system in which commands about what to do and what to say are mixed up so easily.

But the other story was much less ridiculous and both optimistic, involving Chuu and Remi. They’re an intriguing couple: him with his laid-back attitude and unconventional inventions; her with her penchant for mistakes and bottomless cheer. It was nice to see her get worked up over learning Chuu was going on a date, clearly she’s got a deep admiration for him, something he may not have picked up on due to being so immersed in his experiments. Chuu also showed he’s not as unobservant as he seems by busting the pervert who asked Remi out. He may be eccentric, but he’ll be damned if he’ll let anyone take advantage of his sweet co-teacher. His daughter is also flippin’ adorable.

Rating: 3