Kimi no Iru Machi – 03


Haruto knows Yuzuki is home, but Rin tells him she’s out anyway. He’s reminded of the time he got sick working so hard to support Yuzuki, worrying her; it leads to her kissing him. He takes it the wrong way and the have a fight, but reconcile after he picks her up in the rain. Back in the present, Haruto goes to festival at Yuzuki’s school with his classmate Nagoshi Mina in hopes of finding Yuzuki, but Mina thinks it’s a real date. Yuzuki sees the two of them in the haunted house, and after Haruto searches the school, Yuzuki confronts him in a classroom and tells him flatly that she’s already dating someone, and to forget about her.

When the person under the ghost sheet that scares Yuzuki’s date into grabbing him tighter turns out to be Eba Yuzuki, Haruto’s target, the series seemed to be asking us: is Haruto chasing a ghost? The flashbacks paint a picture of an idyllic romance with rough patches leading to green pastures, and it’s all very romantic. But that’s all they are; flashbacks, from his point of view. Since Yuzuki left, a lot of time and distance has built up, and the girl he knew, whom he fell in love with, and the girl he’s desperately pursuing in the present aren’t one and the same, and it’s dangerous to let the past Yuzuki inform him so completely. But it’s hard to sympathize with guys like Haruto who are after the one girl they can’t have, even if it’s a relatable scenario.

That’s simply because he’s not exactly lacking in the potential mates department. The series seems to go out of the way to portray his relationships with Mishima Asuka as sibling-like and unromantic, but there’s potential there. As for Nagoshi Mina, she’s an really cute single girl who literally falls in his lap, but again the series underplays their compatibility with her irritating score-keeping (accidentally lifting up her dress didn’t help matters.) So Haruto is trying to re-stoke an old flame, the damp wood is only making smoke, and he can’t see the forest for the trees. Worse still, Yuzuki’s rejection isn’t as clear-cut as it looks on paper: Haruto could easily dismiss it as more of her trying to act tough when she’s a crybaby. Haruto doesn’t believe in ghosts; he thinks Yuzuki’s the same as she always was.

Rating:7 (Very Good)

Stray Observations:

  • Apologies…we went a bit idiom- and metaphor-happy up there! Something about this series brings it out…
  • Anyone who’s watched Chihayafuru,will have noticed that Haruto has the same voice as Arata, as both are voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa.
  • Mina is voiced quite appropriately with the in-your-face enthusiasm of Yahagi Sayuri, who also voiced Saya in Bakuman. Mina’s a bit of a scaredy-cat though, no?
  • We have to admit, the timing of Yuzuka’s first kiss of Haruto is pretty sweet; stealing it right when Nanami’s outside on the phone.
  • Haruto took it as more teasing from the city girl, and while he was overly harsh in his victimization  we can see how he could have jumped to the wrong conclusion.
  • Kyousuke shows he can be a valuable friend when he offers to help mitigate the damage Haruto’s about to do taking an unwitting date to a school festival in hopes of meeting with another girl. Naturally, Haruto doesn’t avail himself of that help!
  • The red balloon with an unknown wish Yuzuki releases at the end…glimmer of hope for Haruto, or red herring?