Mirai Nikki – 15

When Yukiteru asks, his friends agree to continue to help him. With Eighth and her apprentices after him, Akise suggests they hole up in Kousaka’s manse, a massive property with a cell phone tower that will knock out the apprentices’ connection to their diary server. Their plans are foiled when Yuno cuts the power, apparently there to continue protecting Yukkii. They are able to stall their pursuers until Akise shuts down the cell tower, but the stylish couple cornering them aren’t the Eighth’s apprentices, together they’re the Seventh, Mar and Ai. A battle between couples ensues, with Yuno managing to fend off both attackers for a time, but one of Eighth’s people sets the house on fire. Yuki wakes up in the hospital with Yuno and his friends safe, but his and Yuno’s diaries were taken. Ninth shows up disguised as a nurse to gather info.

Wow, a lot happened this week, and showed just how rich and chaotic Mirai Nikki can get with so many different friends, foes, and in-betweens in the mix. And heck, Yuki’s estrangement from Yuno didn’t even last a whole episode! Here we were thinking she was on the back burner while Yuki deals with new threats, but leave it to her to show up and insert herself right in the middle of things. In typical stalker fashion, she even stopped by his house to cook him dinner without him even knowing. This episode got us thinking (as it did Yuki): left to her own devices, will she always default to drugging and confining Yuki? Perhaps, but there are more pressing matters. She can’t have Yuki if he’s killed by these other diary holders.

Here, the series pulled another fast one on us; making us believe for a while that the lovey-dovey couple were apprentices of the huge-faced Eighth. But like all the other holders, they have their own individual motives, though it’s cool that their diaries help them operate as protection for one another. For all the dark, ridiculous insanity this series cooks up, it not only provided a smidgen of comedy with the Sevenths, but also kept things realistic: Hinata and Mao couldn’t do much against the seasoned fighters. Interestingly, the Sevenths also lack that killer instinct of say, Minene (who they also managed to squeeze in, yegods!): once they had Yuki and Yuno’s diaries, they just left, and even carried the girls out of the burning house. What kind villains!

Rating: 4

Mirai Nikki – 10

Minene tries to take out the Third, holder of the Murder Diary, but his suit is impervious to gunfire and bombs. She’s cuffed by Detective Nishijima, but manages to escape his custody by getting on his good side and shooting him. Meanwhile, Akise sets Yuki up with Yuno for a day at a wedding rehersal, which only makes it harder for him to confess to her that he’s not really in love with her. When night falls, Yuki takes her to her house, where Akise has been snooping around. The room full of corpses is gone, as are her memories of Yuki’s first visit.

Yuno may be whacked out of her gourd to the point of burying memories – and whole rooms of her house, but she’s not half as annoying as Yukiteru Amano. Seriously, his inner monologues are like nails on a chalkboard. Are we really supposed to hate him this much? Because we do. You’d think he’d realize by now the only reason Yuno is remotely lucid and under control is because she thinks he loves him. Why in the name of all that is holy would he go back on those words? Forget that she’d be crushed, she’d crush him.

At least he briefly enjoys a day of pretending to get married – which is frankly a pretty odd yet effective diversion while Akise checks out Yuno’s creepy, powerless house. At this point, the house is almost like a silly set for a horror movie. It’s dark, dirty, and threatening. But there are some practical issues that vex us; like how Yuno manages to stay so clean in a house like that, and how she shows no signs of physical stress from digging such a humongous hole out back. But it definitely helps her crazy cred.

Rating: 3