Yumekui Merry – First Impressions

This series is going to be about the dream world and the real world, and what happens when the two meet. It’s protagonist is a kid, Yumeji, who is dreaming about an army of cats chasing him, led by some dude who wants to take over his body.

Yumeji also crosses paths with a girl called Merry Nightmare (ah, Engrish) who somewhat resembles Black Rock Shooter; by that I mean she’s cool-looking. But other than that, there’s not much we know about her, because there’s not much she knows about herself.  She’s cool-looking and she can fight, though.

This looks to be another J.C. Staff series in the vein of Ookami-san and Index, which is to say, solid visuals, solid action,  soundtrack, but story-wise, well…we’ll have to see. I do like dream-based stuff, so I shall keep watching for now. Rating: 3